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Android L, 4.5 / 5 release window and dev on Nexus 7 previews

It’s been a month since Google released its Android L Developer Preview for the Nexus 5 and 7, but if you were hoping that there was going to be an update to this before its public release, then you will have a long wait because the likelihood of this happening is slim to none. This is the total opposite of how Apple does things with iOS, although it’s not really surprising.

We say this because Android L is the first new version of Google’s mobile OS that it has allowed developers to preview, which is one of the reasons they never called it a beta.

Android L release date window – We expect this will be in November, like that of Android KitKat 4.4 last year, although we cannot be sure what device will sport Android L 4.5 or 5 first. However, there is a possibility that it could be the new Nexus 7, as there is a rumor that HTC is already working on the 2014 version. Then again, the Nexus 9 or even an upcoming Nexus smartphone could get the update first.

Going back to the possibility of an update to the Android L Developer Preview, a dev has taken to Google+ to pretty much confirm that there will be no more new device images, and so there will be no updated previews for the Nexus 7 or 5.

One of the reasons why there may not be any new updates to this so-called beta version is because the current Preview was only released so that developers were able to test apps in order to make sure they were compatible with Android L once launched.

Some Android users would say this is the wrong way to do things because this is one of the reasons why so many bugs are reported when a new Android version is released, but with so many Android handsets and tablets, it would be too hard to copy what Apple does with new versions of iOS.



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