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Amazon Kindle Unlimited price breakdown

With the big news regarding Amazon Kindle Unlimited this week, most of you are asking yourselves and others the inevitable question of “Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?”, as users contemplate the decision to start paying a monthly subscription to read e-books each month.

We told you earlier this week that this ‘luxury’ will cost $9.99 per month. For avid readers this may seem like a no-brainer, but for those that seldom read books but have a Kindle readily handy for when the urge arrives – it’s a much more difficult decision to take into account.

With a price set at $9.99, we obviously know that you’ll be paying Amazon around $120 per year for Kindle Unlimited. One of the big questions that you need to ask yourself is whether you are reading more than one book a month.

Most will turn round and say that they are not and we have included some interesting statistics courtesy of Pew Research, which concludes that the average American only reads 5 books a year:

The typical American read five books in the last 12 months

Put into simpler terms, if you don’t find yourself reading over 16 books a year, then you may want to decide that Amazon Kindle Unlimited isn’t worth it to you – taking into account 16 books at average of $7.50 each for a Kindle ‘best-seller’ such as Harry Potter.

Consumers are already calling it the Netflix for e-book reading, but can you honestly say that you can get through more than 10 books a year? A library of 600,000 books is obviously very appealing on the outer picture, but do you think you will honestly read enough books to justify a monthly subscription?

If you are a regular Kindle user, let us know if you intend to switch to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service or give it a miss. How much books do you get through a month?



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