PS Plus August update PS4 games guessed

Earlier on this month we told you about the possible games that could be up for consideration for the highly anticipated PS Plus August 2014 update on PS4 and PS3 platforms. Now though, we take a look at what you yourselves are predicting after Sony recently made a brief comment on what to expect next month.

As we are now approaching the end of July, we are expecting the leak to come at any moment as those who follow the PS Plus news will know that the information is almost always leaked at least one week before the content actually goes live.

This time however, we are yet to get the information that matters as Sony are perhaps getting tired of everyone knowing the content early, and if the games are not of a high quality as some argue – it potentially creates a negative feeling when it’s time to update.

Either way, PS4 gamers have still been in high spirits, expecting Sony to deliver some top notch games for the PlayStation Plus August update. We can see that a detailed forum thread is ongoing, with users submitting all kinds of predictions for what they think Sony will offer both on PS4 and PS3.

Some of the guesses include Octodad, Knack, The Swapper and the PS4 version of Flower. The Swapper was a game which we mentioned in our initial prediction thread here, while we still think that other indie games such as Road Not Taken are definitely in for a shout too, given that they are scheduled to release around the same period in which Sony usually refresh their PS Plus IGC at the start of each month.

Take a look at the ongoing PS4 PS Plus update ‘guess thread’ on the official forums and let us know what you think. Is it really time for Sony to offer Knack as the free game? Many users are expecting that Octodad is going to be the main game chosen – would you be happy with this if this is the real outcome?

We don’t have long to wait until the official list is out so let us know your own predictions below.



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