PS Plus August update PS4 games guessed

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2014

Earlier on this month we told you about the possible games that could be up for consideration for the highly anticipated PS Plus August 2014 update on PS4 and PS3 platforms. Now though, we take a look at what you yourselves are predicting after Sony recently made a brief comment on what to expect next month.

As we are now approaching the end of July, we are expecting the leak to come at any moment as those who follow the PS Plus news will know that the information is almost always leaked at least one week before the content actually goes live.

This time however, we are yet to get the information that matters as Sony are perhaps getting tired of everyone knowing the content early, and if the games are not of a high quality as some argue – it potentially creates a negative feeling when it’s time to update.

Either way, PS4 gamers have still been in high spirits, expecting Sony to deliver some top notch games for the PlayStation Plus August update. We can see that a detailed forum thread is ongoing, with users submitting all kinds of predictions for what they think Sony will offer both on PS4 and PS3.

Some of the guesses include Octodad, Knack, The Swapper and the PS4 version of Flower. The Swapper was a game which we mentioned in our initial prediction thread here, while we still think that other indie games such as Road Not Taken are definitely in for a shout too, given that they are scheduled to release around the same period in which Sony usually refresh their PS Plus IGC at the start of each month.

Take a look at the ongoing PS4 PS Plus update ‘guess thread’ on the official forums and let us know what you think. Is it really time for Sony to offer Knack as the free game? Many users are expecting that Octodad is going to be the main game chosen – would you be happy with this if this is the real outcome?

We don’t have long to wait until the official list is out so let us know your own predictions below.

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  • kupluncksteve

    why are people complaining about 6 free games a month have people just become so rich and spoilt they feel like they can complain when a company gives them BY CHOICE 6 free games i mean really people please

  • cheese_n_beans

    I pay my sub each month as I have ps3,vita and ps4. I see my sub’s used for my dues to play ps4 online and I get 6/free games a month as an extra. Put your hands in ur pockets if your not happy…simple as that, or switch to xbox … All this whining each month pisses me off.

  • ???

    Godsdamn shut ur little fuckin mouth bry be thankful u ungreatful slut

  • Bry

    I swear all Playstation 4 has done for me is give me annoying games for free(strider, warframe, black light, war thunder, pixel shooter, doki doki, stick it to the man, all trash right there) and make u buy the same games that came out for ps3 but at retail price.

    • Batman

      Warframe, blacklight and war thunder are all free to play for anyone not just ps plus members, pixel shooter is a fun game with friends and stick it to the man is a really great game once you get into it. Doki doki does suck real hard but it´s meant for kids

      • Bry

        Regardless if it’s for everyone all those games are ass unless you spend money in them to upgrade your character faster. I played pixel shooter with friends it’s annoying and stupid

  • Matthew Haydon

    Look played the indie games and they all have one thing in common, they lack any real depth. Stryder is probably the closest to achieving that being able to upgrade your ninja but the game is so linear making it a 6 hour adventure MAX.

    I’m sorry but if the vast masses who have paid $600 au for these services are saying they want AAA titles it’s not for Yoshida to understand that want it’s for him to deliver. Unless of course he wants to see Xbox sales go through the roof.

    Stop trying to use the ps plus service as a cheap marketing gimmick and give us what we want.

    • East_bay_freddy_krueger

      you pay $600 for psn plus? son I’m disappoint

  • jadem

    Are there not gonna be any yearly games for the ps3 and ps4

    • Karis Cottingham

      No yearly games anymore. They announced each platform would get 2 games on the first wednesday of the month

  • Jk

    So far its all shittyass releases that may aswell be made for iphone as ps4, so i would not get any hopes up

    • James Lee

      Please take your pick of the obviously vast pick of AAA’s in the short time the ps4 has been out.

  • Timothy Senior

    LOL, Knack has been the “predicted game” every month since like February. One of these months they may actually be right.

  • Matthew

    I reckon the free games would be something along the lines of Injustice and Octodad. Injustice just went on a MASSIVE sale which I believe is to try and get any last buyers. That or anything else on the Superhero sale. I would love to see possibly MLB 14 The Show or NBA 2k14. We haven’t been given any sports games yet for PS4, and these are worthy of my time, I believe. Need for Speed Rivals seems good, but I doubt it. Maybe in another month or two.

    • Psplusguy

      Im guessin they would put out MLB in the fall around the time of the world series. I won’t be surprised if it does come out since it was made by sony

    • Kord Kitsugi

      Or you know, 75th Anniversary of Batman had no influence on the fact it was on sale, just saying.

  • IWantGoodGames

    I would not want Octodad… That game has no sense and i think it misses the fun… I would like to get Knack for PS4, because it’s time to get some real games, not that stupid Towerfall Ascension, where you do the same thing over and over again…

    • maxy

      You think that Knack is for real gamers?? lol?

      • DouchePolice

        I think he meant AAA games, not indie games. He didn’t actually say “for real gamers” he said “real games.” So next time you’re gonna be a douche, make sure you have your facts right. BTW, I would prefer Knack over anothe indie, too.

        • maxy

          Still Knack its an indie game with a retail case.

        • James Lee

          nothing wrong with indies, better than most AAA games and you are only probably putting down knack is because you religiously follow scores on metacritic. If you are one of those people who complain about getting indie titles on a console only halfway through its first year then i suggest you find another platform.

        • maxy

          What??? Indies better than most AAA games?? Please don’t make me laugh. The most stupid thing I ever heard, and I have to inform you that I own Knack and I finished it and I never follow review scores. Additionally I already found one platform that has AAA titles than Indies.

        • Karis Cottingham

          Same here. Knack is the only triple A game we can hope to get at the moment and I would happily give it a try

        • Bry

          If u wanna try knack then go but that ish. The fact that u would only play it if it was free shows your false interest

        • Karis Cottingham

          Your point being. Its not something I feel is worth the money to me as the kind of game it is holds little interest but yeah if it was free I would try it

        • Bry

          So your saying PSN should spend a monthly free game slot on a game that’s “not worth the money” what……

        • Karis Cottingham

          If it was a choice between knack and towerfall ascension then yes. If it was between knack and assassins creed freedom cry then no. One good thing I found with ps plus was it got me playing games I would of never of gone out and bought. Knack doesnt look like something I would naturally go out and buy, but sure I’ll give it a go if its free. Have you not experienced a game on ps plus you wouldnt of bought, but downloaded because it was free?

    • somyakomya

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

    • Dušan Lilić

      It appears you have never played Towerfall in versus mode…

      • Karis Cottingham

        I like indie games but even towerfall is a poor game in my opinion and I know its just that… an opinion but I have tried it alone and with friends and really do not rate it. I would like to see knack, valiant hearts or assassins creed standalone freedom cry. When is secret ponchos getting a release? They mite surprise us with that

      • GreatU2

        Actually we had. Around 1992…

    • Dragoon893

      indie games ARE real games.

    • Jakels

      Towerfall is a better game than knack will ever be tbh..