Luis Suarez Barcelona FUT transfer delayed

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2014

Earlier on we told you that the FIFA 14 Summer Transfer update had gone live. However, we can see that there is one big name sticking out from that list that wasn’t included. The Luis Suarez Barcelona transfer saga in real life seems to have had a knock-on effect with regards to his new FIFA 14 Ultimate Team card from EA.

As the whole world knows, Luis Suarez has been banned for four months and since the terms of his ban includes not being able to play in any stadium, he has not been given a formal player signing unveil by Barcelona yet.

In tradition, the club would usually stage a big event, inviting fans into the Nou Camp stadium to catch a glimpse of their new respective signing – since Suarez is banned though this didn’t happen.

Now, it looks like EA are delaying his FIFA 14 Summer transfer update as well as we still see his Ultimate Team cards are still highlighted as a Liverpool FC player, not Barcelona.

So far, EA has offered no statement on this on when Suarez will make the transfer and it does seem a little odd that he still cannot move to Barcelona to please the FIFA 14 community – regardless of real-life events, a transfer is a transfer after all and Luis Suarez is officially a Barcelona player.

Are you surprised that most players have transferred to their new respective clubs such as James Rodriguez to Real Madrid which only happened a few days ago, but Luis Suarez is still at Liverpool on FIFA 14?

Give us your thoughts on this and we’ll let you know when there is an update on the situation.

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  • Macarooney


  • Pluc

    That’s not cool I wait for like about 2 week and now Im sad.

  • Kevin Kec

    I am really waiting for the suarez Barcelona card, it would fit perfectly in my fut team. As the writer of this articles points out , altough suarez has been dispended from playing , the transfer has been completed , and the reality is hes now at Barcelona. Secondly fut is not like playing fifa with the original Barcelona game with suarez included , so ea could already add suarez to fut , it would not violate reality , since fut is a mix of players from different teams in contrast to the clubs in real life , so for me enough reasons to include a luis suarez Barcelona fut card soon .