Kindle Unlimited copies iTunes Radio, shuns UK

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription service for the tablets and e-readers went live before the weekend and will cost just $9.99 per month in the US. The best way to describe the service is like Netflix, but with books instead of Movie or TV content. While current Kindle users are intrigued by this new service, it would seem Amazon has copied iTunes Radio and shunned the UK.

Amazon has a habit of launching new products and services in the US first, and then rolling it out to other countries such as the UK at a later date. We have no clue as to when the Kindle Unlimited UK release date will be, and Amazon has failed to offer any information on this.

It does seem like a silly way to launch a new service, and while we can understand the likes of Amazon wanting to iron out all the wrinkles first, it certainly angers International Kindle owners because they have to look on and watch consumers in the US makes use of the new Kindle Unlimited service.

There has already been a reaction to this delayed UK release of Unlimited, which you can see a couple of tweets above. From what some of the top tech websites are saying, it doesn’t look like Amazon will rush the international release.

There are other similar services available such as Oyster and Scribd. However, the former is also US only and the latter does come with limitations, more details of which can be found in a Amazon Unlimited vs. Oyster vs. Scribd comparison looking at prices, supported devices and more.



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