FIFA 14 Summer transfer update list in full

We knew it was coming sometime this week and just hours ago, EA has gone live with the highly anticipated FIFA 14 Summer transfer update. It means that the likes of James Rodriguez to Real Madrid, Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal FC and Lewandowski to Bayern Munich are now all live.

It also means that you can now open your FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs and now have a chance of picking up these players at their new clubs. EA has revealed the full list of players that have been moved so far in the FIFA 14 Summer Transfer update, which they have labelled batch 1 and batch 2.

While you may agree that the list of players is a vast one, we can still see that it is somewhat incomplete. For example, EA has moved Adam Lallana to Liverpool following his transfer, but we can’t see the same for Rickie Lambert who still has a Southampton card.

We can however see that Luke Shaw has been transferred to Manchester United, so has EA simply forgotten about poor old Rickie Lambert? That appears to be the case unless a batch three is coming later today.

Check out the full FIFA 14 Summer transfer update list here and let us know what you think about the switches and any new ratings that you have spotted. Any other players missing which should be there? Luis Suarez is the obvious one, which we have talked about separately here.



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