Facebook Messenger vs. WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype

By Peter Chubb - Jul 24, 2014

Choosing the right chat program has just got a whole lot harder now that they have all recently been updated. However, it would seem that some are being left behind, although this has something to do with Facebook being able to push its Messenger app much harder, which they have been doing over the past few months.

There are really four main contenders, and while there are others, they don’t seem to be a match for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. I already have my favorite, although I will share that with you later.

Facebook Messenger vs. WhatsApp – Both chat apps have a lot to offer, although they do differ in how they approach things. Even though these are rival services, they do have the same goal, and that is to corner the market considering Facebook own both. WhatsApp is a more dedicated messenger app it has more to offer, such as being able to send images, video, audio, location and being able to send contact details to other users.

Messenger can also send images and audio, but you are also able to use image search with the use of Bing. It would seem that WhatsApp is the victor here, which you can see in this in-depth comparison.

Viber did get off to a slow start because it was only available on the iPhone, but now it is also used on Android devcies, it has managed to close the gap in terms of features against Skype. There is not really that many differences, there had been, but both have borrowed features from each other and incorporated this into recent updates. However, we would like to say that call quality seems to be better on Viber when you are in different countries, although Skype still has the better chat feature.

Difference between Viber and FaceTime – Believe it or not there are still people wondering what the differences between these two messenger services are. We already know that Viber is not just an iOS only app, as you can also install it to Android devices as well. However, FaceTime is an iOS and Mac only app and there is no intention of changing this.

Viber is the more complete package (part from video) and so should not be compared to FaceTime, whereas iMessage could, although that still lacks in the feature department. We already explained what you can do with Viber, whereas FaceTime only allows you to video chat, which you cannot do with Viber.

When looking at the difference between Viber and WhatsApp, and FaceTime, as well as Skype and Facebook Messenger, which app gets your vote, although you may have to pick two. For chats I do prefer to use Facebook Messenger, but for those in my contacts list or are not on Facebook, then my second choice is always Whatsapp.

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