Updated: Facebook Messenger down for most

By Peter Chubb - Apr 20, 2015

Update: Messenger is now working once again.

It would seem that Facebook Messenger is down today, as we have found that the chat service is not working, and so have been unable to send and receive messages. From what we can tell the issue has been going on for the past couple of hours, and at this time we have no idea how long the service will be down for.

Many of my friends have contacted me via SMS saying that Facebook Messenger is not working, which is a huge pain for users, as they use this as a quick and easy way to chat to their Facebook friends.

I first noticed the issue when I was on the Facebook webpage and then went to chat on the side and it said that it was unable to fetch previous messages in this conversation. I then proceeded to go to the Facebook Messenger app and a red bar keeps appearing at the top saying couldn’t load messages.

You can get on the app and send a message and it will say it has been seen, but this is not true, as the messages are not getting through. Also, all previous messages have disappeared, and the only one that shows is the last message received, but when you click on that person, there are none.

Have you been able to send and receive via Facebook Messenger?

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  • Monty Montgomery

    Mine was working until the update on the 20th of November.
    Now all it says when I enter the app is “Couldn’t Load Conversations”.
    I have tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, deleting the app etc..
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Ryan

    Anyone having this problem today?

  • Azz

    Anyone having this problem today? I’ve woken up to the red bar if death ??

    • curlysue4848

      Yes, none of my messages will load and I can’t send messages!! 🙁

      • Azz

        I’m still without messenger, and due to the fact soon it’s compulsory for the app to be used, you would think they would get the issues sorted

    • Yep, same here, for the last few days.

  • trevor

    this is stupid. the app is having major problems!! how do you fix it!? i’ve updated the app, sync’ed my ipod and everything there is to do. what can i do to make it better?

  • Mike

    Mine doesn’t work either… I hope this is fixed by the time I wake up… Anyone else still have the problem?

  • Luke

    Mine just starting doing this and I don’t know how to get rid of it?! Help!

  • Karen Konczyk

    I can’t get on facebook at all 🙁 Reads acct temp unavailable ..Try later

  • Lamey

    So glad I’m not the only one that is having this problem. I haven’t been able to send or receive a message on any of my devises for hours now. I hope they fix things soon because Facebook is my main way off comunication.