Yahoo Mail sign in brings global outcry

By Peter Chubb - Jul 23, 2014

Yahoo Mail sign in not working is something that users have had to put up with now for more than a month, and just when you thought there were signs of improvement, the recurrent sign-in issues raises its ugly head once again. It comes as no surprise to us that this has upset so many people and as such has brought with it a global outcry.

It would seem that Spain is suffering the most from these Yahoo Mail problems, which has led to many users asking Yahoo for help, although there does not seem to be much help at this moment. Two of the main issues are the username and password causing the connection errors, although we are still awaiting official confirmation as to the main reason.

We have heard from a few of our readers, with many of them believing there to be a workaround to the issue, which they did not elaborate on, although they cannot understand why Yahoo seems to have ignored the issue and also the thousands of people being affected.

Yahoo Mail not working fix

An Online Social Media reader has come up with what they believe to be a workaround, although we are uncertain if it works or not. You can see how to do this in the image above.

Some people have been able to sign in and can see the emails, but the moment they go to open them to read an error message appears. However, if this happens, then maybe you could try going to Yahoo Messenger, then select the insider option followed by the mail part of Messenger and hopefully you should be able to open the email, although this is not guaranteed to work.

It is worth remembering that it is not all bad with Yahoo Mail, but it is also evident there are major problems for some people, so are you one of them?

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  • reader121

    Quit Yahoo after 17 years about 5 months ago, and never been happier. Things have been a circus ever since their new CEO took over, I never knew what was next on the show every time I logged in, or how many hoops I’d have to jump through.

    Enjoying the peaceful bliss of non-imaginative, unchanging plain reliable mail service…..>

  • Carrie Fischer

    After reading some of these comments, I have to say as a US citizen that this is becoming the norm with companies here. They make tons of $ and hire young kids who don’t know what they’re doing who later create massive problems. When this happens, they don’t have any way for the public to contact them because they’re websites offer NO PHONE NUMBER to reach them at intentionally to avoid people and save the $ from having a phone line. Instead, they offer an email form that takes an ETERNITY to get a response to, if even that, because oftentimes you never get responded to. The ones who work at the companies are f****** off somewhere not doing their job leaving the mess behind for others to clean up or figure out with massive long wait times while they try and piece it together. Totally pathetic. I would strongly recommend for anyone having these problems to switch to another email provider and ditch Yahoo mail. These tech companies have become so arrogant and greed-driven, they no longer care about their customers and want everybody to wait on them until they feel like getting around to fixing the problems they create. I have made it a habit now that when I consider using a company, I immediately go to their website and look it over carefully as to how they can be contacted if you need support. If it is only an email form, I avoid them like the plague. Also, if there is a phone number listed, make sure you call it first to see that it even gets answered and doesn’t go immediately to a voice mail that is ignored and not responded to.

  • Tha Penutt

    I still cannot sign into Yahoo mail from my laptop. I keep getting a message saying untrusted site and if this is a site I normally use somebody has taken it over. This is very frustrating but the weird thing is I can access my e-mail form my iPhone. Yahoo has millions of e-mail users so why are they not working harder to fix this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Diane

    With all the privacy issues going on these days, I very am suspicious of Yahoo Mail’s desire for me to CHANGE my password and provide a PHONE NUMBER for “my security”… I feel that it may compromise my security more than secure it! I continue to ignore their notifications every time I sign in but it is a pain… Why can’t they just leave well alone?

    • Begonia

      Feel exactly the same!

      • Frustrated

        I totally agree!! I am NOT about to give you a phone number in addition to the rest of the information!!

  • Rosalee Marie McClure

    I clicked on an ad that said, help me sign into Yahoo and then my phone rang. He said he was a technician, and wanted to take control of my computer. He said my computer was going to crash if I did not pay $200.00 on a credit card. I told him he was a liar and a couple of other choice things and hung up and turned the computer off..There are a lot of crooks out to get us if we let them. This guy said he was a Yahoo tech. I give up completely on Yahoo and got a different email account elsewhere. Good luck to you all who stay with Yahoo.

  • harry utama

    Being a non-techno-geek in Indonesia, we have no idea where and how to complain against Yahoo. We only stumbled upon this forum now and is using it in anticipation that someone in Yahoo would be aware of its users’ huge problems. We want to say that Yahoo mail service has been really “sucks” over the past months or so. Could someone at Yahoo do something about it and not just sitting around up high in her/his ivory tower, earning piles of cash and potentially earning even more when Alibaba goes to the market, but do or know nothing about to ease the plight of its downtrodden email users before there is a mass exodus to Gmail, if it has not already happened.

  • harry utama

    Yahoo sign in in Indonesia is simply in one word “DIABOLICAL”. We have been facing so much problem with the signing in over the past few months that we have to create another email address, a Gmail. The only reason we are still staying put with Yahoo is because we feel it’s much easier to use than Gmail. The problem might probably stem from the fact that we are using Googlechrome or Firefox browsers which might deliberately create obstacles to anyone trying to access Yahoo. But we have no other choice, the Internet Explorer is as good as a “deader and goner”.

  • Begonia

    Hello from Spain,
    In my experience the behaviour of the sign in is totally erratic. Sometimes you can’t even access it and when you click on the link it collapses you google page, sometimes you can try and try to put your credentials and you never get it, and yet, some other times, you can just go in no problem at all.
    Not working so far this morning…
    Having said that, I think this is a general problem with yahoo. We feel it more because it is affecting our email and therefore, our capability to communicate, but I find that the whole thing is full of glitches. Very often, slide shows, videos, articles behave in the strangest way (without giving any error), Don’t have a clue about programming but the feeling I get is as if there were lots of “loose threads”.

  • Mensen Lopez

    Yahoo mail is working now here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Thanks Yahoo!

  • Mahendra Sharma

    Since the past quite some time I have been experiencing a lot of problems with Yahoo, due to which I opened a new gmail account for all my official work.
    Even while writing this mail I am not able to open folders, delete mails, not log out.
    God help yahoo

  • I have been having problems that every morning my imap requests my password and fails because until I log in online. I thought it was because somebody was trying to hack.