PS4 1.80 update eyed after 1.74 notes

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 24, 2014

It has become clear to some PlayStation 4 owners that firmware 1.80 will be needed after the 1.74 update notes did little, but fix bugs to create a more stable system. While we appreciate the fact that Sony needed PS4 update 1.74 for software stability, it’s also evident that a lot of gamers are very unhappy with basic features missing from their new console.

In our opinion, it looks like Sony is holding back and keeping silent for some unknown reason. The PS4 should have 3D Blu-ray support and if you don’t care much for this feature, we’re sure there’s a number of things you want much more than just stability patches.

The PS4 1.80 update to cure disappointment – it’s not clear what month the release date might land in, although we have a feeling minor version numbers won’t continue for much longer. Sony is being very silent, maybe to avoid a backlash for not delivering, and we expect a plan is already in place to deliver a massive bundle of new features.

You’ll be crazy to think Sony hasn’t seen the thousands of tweets, blog comments, and forum threads asking for certain features. They will list the most demanded and if the features are practical, then they’ll be on their way very soon.

Do you expect the PS4 1.80 update will be the firmware to bring many missing features, or are you still hoping for a minor version number to deliver?

Update: We’ve been emailed by one reliable source claiming the next major PS4 update will release in August. Considering Gamescom is next month, this seems the perfect time to launch the new firmware. It’s also worth noting that Sony will be bringing 1.75 with 3D support next week before the 1.80 update in August.

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  • Random

    Backwards comparability with ps2 games

  • Rich

    I hope for PX4 wireless headset bluetooth chat support will now be able to pair up

  • ziggycrossman

    We want external hard drive support!

  • Josh101

    3d support I’m not worried about, I don’t have a 3d t.v. But I do care about USB support, to watch movies off a thumbdrive or listen to music. I’m a bit tired of my friend having to come over lugging his PS3 and having to unplug my PS4’s HDMI over and over.

  • Nath

    Finally, a real update…roll on August, can’t wait.

    • Larry

      that’s if the next is a good update