PS4 1.74 update live, no 3D Blu-Ray

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2014

We can confirm that a new PS4 1.74 update is live, but unfortunately it is another of Sony’s infamous stability updates which means that the PS4 1.74 new feature list is empty.

We were expecting Sony to drop PS4 1.73 as the next update but they have surprised everyone by instead dropping a new PS4 1.74 update. It’s available to download the next time you boot up your system and given it’s another minor update it shouldn’t take long to install after all.

We have captured the update notes from Sony for you below, confirming another stability update although Sony hasn’t mentioned what specific areas of the PS4 have been given this mystery stability improvement.

Given the fact that Microsoft has just announced 3D Blu-Ray support for the Xbox One, we can understand that some PS4 owners are now starting to feel a little hard done by on Sony’s willingness to provide the PS4 features that should have been available at launch.

While the console is obviously a work in progress which everyone accepts, one of the most frustrating aspects that we can see personally is the actual lack of response from Sony in offering an exact guideline on when these features can expect to arrive for PS4 users.

Another firmware update without any new features is only going to add to the pressure bit by bit. Let us know if you have downloaded PS4 update 1.74 and have noticed anything new that Sony hasn’t added on their notes.

Do you agree that it is now time for Sony to issue a public statement on when features such as 3D Blu-Ray is coming?

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  • Whatno3D

    Its very wearing trying to explain to my wife why we still cannot view 3d films on the PS4! The fact that Microsoft have stolen a big march really is rubbing salt into the wound. The fact that the trusty PS3 is still in situ all these months after really goes to show that I was a mug to buy into the new generation so early! Won’t happen again!!