Minecraft PE 0.10.0 release date hype for player skins

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2014

We have further good news to bring to Minecraft Pocket Edition players now. Mojang has revealed that the forthcoming Minecraft PE 0.10.0 will finally bring player skins to the game.

If you have been playing the game, you’ll know that this has been a big request from the community and a great sign from Mojang that they fully support the mobile versions of Minecraft just as much as PC.

Player skins essentially mean that Minecraft PE players will have the option of customising their character for the first time, i.e., choosing a difference appearance for Steve which most of you will agree becomes boring after a while.

Minecraft PE 0.10.0 is coming though and if we go by Mojang’s recent release strategy it could arrive very soon. We know that Minecraft PE update 0.9.5 is coming this week but after that we may see Mojang skip forward to 0.10.0 to deliver player skins.

Mojang knows that this is the feature that everyone wants and it is set to change Minecraft PE in a big way once players are able to customize their character however they want.

Give us your reaction to this fantastic piece of news. How hyped are you on a scale of 1-10 on the prospect of changing your character’s appearance on mobile versions?

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  • K3tt01

    And this came untrue!

  • K3tt01

    It came out November 18 on iOS so Android?

  • Devin

    When will it update?Also I’m saying is when is the date that comes out.

  • Leah Isaac

    Im just waiting…waitin waitin waitin. WAITIN 4 DA UPDATE AND IM NOT PATIENT SO LOOK OUT CAUSE ITS TAKIN 4EVER

  • Anonymous

    I heard minecraft 0.10.0 update comes out in 6 months from now it wil be forever but you will be able to go to the nether omg

  • aaryan

    Fix terrain bugs

  • TyRack28

    Any Helps to Get Minecraft Free on ios?

  • TyRack28

    This update is 100/100 it’s so good And Diamond Axe Mojang does talk about the update but not the release date

  • TyRack28

    Diamond Axe 0.10.0 update will come in a long time so no one knows and the website doesn’t know so if it was coming out on September and it was August mojang would start talking about it than the website has answers YouTube has answers so just wait till about 2015 July, Ok

    • K3tt01

      On Android… it came out strait away and I don’t think is very fare,iOS lovers that play MCPE will not like Android is the main device for the game!

      • K3tt01

        And the good of god news is it probably will be less advanced then iOS!

  • Diamond axe

    What time is 0.10.0 out

  • Pug

    Place red stone, button, hunter bar :3

    • Fentenia

      Not hunger!!!

  • Fill

    NEED redstone. And redstone stuff and ocelots and mods and skins and everythig that computer and Xbox and ps3 have. now!

  • Shouty_Dog


  • jadew


  • Fentenia

    probably 8/10

  • Michael j P

    I just hope thay can fix realms cuz i really want to get it back

  • MCPE player


  • luckylew8283847728199999992383

    It’s good but there better be more, like the end cuz the portal peaces are on the game now

  • Tweety

    I am excited for any new things to come to Minecraft PE! I hope that Villager trade and also villagers being able to open door themselves will come soon!

  • Angelica Arias


    • somyakomya

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  • Isaac


  • IsaacTrejo