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iPhone 6 countdown to proposed date

The iPhone 6 countdown to is proposed date has been gaining some interest because more sources within the industry seem to be backing the date, which by the way is expected to be September the 19th. This date was first seen as a flyer in China, which would have no doubt raised a few alarm bells as to its validity, but the date does seem to be gaining some traction

Understanding the proposed iPhone 6 release date – Last year the iPhone 5S was released on September 20th, which was a Friday, and seeing as though the Friday earliest to that date this year falls on the 19th, it is easy to see why this date seems the most likely.

A new iPhone has been released on a Friday for the past few years now, and each year a colleague and myself have queued up outside the O2 store before 7 to make certain we have our new handset on the day.

However, because I have now moved to Vodafone I will just make certain I am able to pre-order mine direct from Apple before shipping begins to slip to 1-2 weeks or even more.

While we now have a pretty good idea as to the new iPhone 6 launch date, we are still uncertain as to whether Apple will announce two models to be released on the same day, or if they will stagger them. Having said that, it has yet to be confirmed if there will actually be two iPhone 6 sizes, although a recent article from Phones Review seems to think there will be.

We don’t have long to wait, as we expect the iPhone 6 event to be on September 9th, which falls on a Tuesday, the day Apple usually holds its keynote for its new smartphone.



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