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IEM Hearthstone winning deck with Druid, Priest

We have some great information for those of you who missed the IEM Hearthstone tournament in Shenzhen. We now know that Amaz ended up victorious and we have the IEM Hearthstone winning deck strategies for you to take a look at so you can learn new skills for your own game.

The tournament in China took place between July 16-18 and Hearthstone players around the world were fixed to see who would come out on top and claim the $10,000 top prize.

Now, we are pleased to bring you the full IEM Hearthstone final replay, with a gameplay stream that we’ve added below showing the intense matchup between Azeri vs. Amaz.

Some fans have been calling it the best Hearthstone match that they have ever seen and you may agree after watching the whole thing below.

What we want to show you though is the actual winning decks that Amaz used throughout the tournament and in the final. Amaz’s Hearthstone Druid deck is truly something to behold, while Amaz’s Hearthstone Priest deck isn’t bad either.



With a crafting cost of 7940 for his Druid deck, you’ll do well to try to replicate it for your own Hearthstone deck right now. Check out the stats and the footage and give us your reaction to the IEM Hearthstone Grand Final winner.



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