GappCenter calls Cartoon HD a stupid app

By Peter Chubb - Jul 23, 2014

GappCenter has shown its intention to bring something out after the demise of Cartoon HD, although it would seem users of the popular app are still not letting things go. As a result GappCenter has called Cartoon HD a stupid app, and it would seem faithful users of the product that allowed them to stream movies and TV shows are not happy and have taken to Twitter.

However, before we have a look at these tweets, it is worth remembering that even though some of you have managed to get Cartoon HD working again, this is based on old content, and so will not be getting any new movies or TV shows.

We have highlighted a few tweets below of those who are angry and upset by what GappCenter had to say, and while we can understand the frustration, we can also appreciate why GappCenter would say such a thing in the first place.

This gives you a taste of just how much the app was loved. However it is now time to move on because it will never come back, and so GappCenter is just looking ahead to its next big thing, and they want you to as well.

What do you think GappCenter has planned next?

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