Destiny Xbox One beta install is corrupt problems

Hours ago we told you that the Destiny beta on Xbox One had gone live early thanks to Bungie who were happy enough to reopen the Destiny beta servers earlier than expected. However, this may come back to haunt them as it looks like there are some Destiny Xbox One problems being reported straight away, including feedback from gamers who are saying that their Destiny beta is not installing properly on Xbox One.

Having a quick look around on Twitter, we can see that there does appear to be a problem for some, but not everyone. The most common issue that we have seen so far involves a Destiny beta error message on Xbox One which states that the Destiny beta install is corrupt.

Bungie themselves have also confirmed some issues with the beta on Xbox One, although they have highlighted stabilization errors rather than the install corruption.

Elsewhere though we can see users suffering from the corrupt error, including one user who warns others not to enter the game whilst installing the Destiny beta – which could be the root of the problem. Installing via My Games and Apps could be a temporary workaround until Bungie investigates.

The question is, have you encountered any Destiny beta problems on your Xbox One or are you playing fine without any issues whatsoever? We’ll let you know if there is a drastic update on this but we advise you to keep watching the Bungie Twitter page for regular updates.



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