Magic 2015 in-depth review

We have a quick heads-up for those of you who are looing for a Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers review. The game has just been released by Stainless Games on multiplatform and reviews are now coming in thick and fast.

Those who are big Magic fans though may have already got a head-start on the game as the iPad version has been available for one week earlier and is free to download with micro-transactions.

All other versions of the game are $10 though and you may discover that there are many items attached to this game that require payments than previously thought.

Despite that the reviews have been mixed so far. Game Informer has actually given Magic 2014 a very pleasing 88/10, although PC Gamer has gone the complete opposite by rating the game a poor 30/100 and saying that the game focuses on micro-transactions too much.

To help give you a more personal affair though, we have picked out a Let’s Play review below, which gives you an exact look at the game from a gamer perspective. It is over an hour in length so it should give you the verdict you need on whether it is worth a $10 purchase.

Given that the reception is mixed so far, what do you personally say about Magic 2015 if you have had the chance to play it?



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