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Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack claims from EPA

Last week we told you that the popular Kim Kardashian Hollywood game was the victim of hacks as users’ addiction levels for the mobile app reached a whole new disturbing level. Now though, it looks like we have reports of another potential Kim Kardashian app hack, but a completely different sort.

You may have heard already, but it looks like the Kim Kardashian game popularity has taken on a different meaning that nobody has expected. So much, that the headlines right now is that the game featured on the Twitter account for the EPA, or the US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water.

A Tweet turned up on the page hours ago, proudly mentioning the fact that the person playing had managed to get to ‘C-list’ status on the app, since the whole purpose of the game is to become a Hollywood celebrity – just like Kim Kardashian.

As you can imagine, this Tweet was soon deleted but not before it went viral and a screen capture showing the Tweet in question was saved – you can even check it out below as we have it for you.

Some have put this down to the account being hacked, but the more likely explanation is that the government employee who posted it was intending to post it on a personal account instead, but obviously didn’t.

This has become the subject of jokes everywhere at the moment, but it does give you another indication on just how popular this Kim Kardashian Hollywood app download is.

Have you given in to temptation and are now playing this game yourself?



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