GTA V 1.16 update misses window

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update hasn’t gone live after a number of blogs and leaks seemed to predict it would today. We’ve embedded one of these leaked photos below, which seemed to hint at GTA V 1.16 bringing an online Veteran update on July 22, 2014.

Rockstar’s release pattern for the previous four updates has been between 10/11AM UK and 2/3AM PST. Considering this release window has now passed and the fact that the updates for a few months came during this time, we highly doubt you’ll be seeing the updated content today.

Some people thought the GTA V 1.16 update would land today, even though that would be another DLC in the same month as Rockstar’s Independence Day special content. It’s also worth noting that content came very shortly after the 1.14 download, so the majority of gamers don’t expect another update until the beginning of August.

We just checked a PS3 system and there’s still no update to the game software, or the online mode. Now that we’re well past the normal release time window, you might want to look towards next month for your next GTA V DLC fix.

What do you hope to see when the next content finally arrives? Have you noticed any problems, glitches, or cheats needing a fix?

Whether GTA V 1.16 comes with an online update named, “Veteran”, is yet to be seen. Heists will always be the preference for some gamers, as we’ve seen throughout this year.

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  • Mick

    Contant 1.16

    Two jeans
    Half a dress
    Dildo straight out of r* ass
    Really bad ass shoes
    Two brand new haircuts

    Rooftop rumble II exactly as boring as 1
    A yankee car
    Bike with dildo to sit on

    Release date 2114 July 31

  • Connor Ibn’lauditore

    Not believing. I’m pretty sure R* wont implement a “hitman” stat with dual wielding. I guess this is made by somebody who believes V should have everything SA has. Some people just cant accept that this game is not supposed to be San Andreas.

  • Ron

    looks fake

  • J

    Clearly fake, the game take place in Los Santos (LS) so why would R* say “across San Andreas” also the bit about coming in July. Lol but nice try.

    • mangulus mcmennifus

      san andreas is the state LS is the city

  • Kevin

    Thank u someone understands me.
    Stop guessing people cuz it makes u look like am idiot and dumb

  • James

    Wish people would stop trying to guess when the updates will release, all you’re doing is making yourselves look like idiots and confirming the fact you know absolutely nothing. On another note, why bother with heists now? The game is nearly a year old a lot of people have got sick of GTA V now and moved on to other games. Yes there are still a lot of people that play daily, but I just think all the hype people have built up over Heists is going to end in disappointment (like the “High Life” update).

    • YrX

      I gave up on the game last year when I got my ps4 on release date.. R* I still have a good 1 billion hacked money with all my chrome cars, but to bad I careless about it.

      • mardochee

        Can I have your character?

        • YrX

          Nahhh I worked really hard for that money…

      • Dedo

        Hack like me u would still be loving GTA online XD

    • ryan lewis

      You or so right in every word u say.

  • Athrods

    I think 24th

  • kasper

    To all u dumbasses July 29th is the update

    • BQ

      haha watch u be wrong

    • Cheetahrun75

      Lol. I see what you did there

  • Cheetahrun75

    First red flag with this:
    That description is not Rockstar. Period. There are no jokes. Also, “coming this July”.. Really? Why put that in the description of content that would be released for the description to be seen.

    Not to mention High Roller update (which the photo of also proven fake)
    So, there are 2 1.16 updates that were supposed to come out?

    I feel sorry for anyone actually getting fooled by this.

  • Wesleycoulding

    Update isn’t out on gtav uk xbox

    • Interest

      Yes, check out

  • Mani

    now its done, check out

  • Dtoxz

    I just checked my console and the game for an update too and no luck. Does that make me a gaming journalist now? I guess that’s all it takes…a couple of bad assumptions and whisper down the lane on any rumors you hear. The only “release window” Rockstar has EVER had with their dlc (apart from holiday packs) is WHEN THEY ARE READY….just like heists. don’t ever expect anything from Rockstar as they’re one of the few companies that actually learn their lesson by releasing a glitchy online. the DLC packs will be ready when they are and I will gladly truss Rockstar long before I trust some self proclaimed journalist who literally checks his ps3 for an update and calls that news. I could have done that myself……Oh wait, I just did

  • Corey

    Seemingly this article probably shouldn’t exist, as it says nothing but rumors… seemingly.


    that mani guyisbullshiting

  • Todd

    I1.16 is not out in uk. I just checked and no prompt for the update.


    is it out

  • juggz

    So i was playing last night and a big rock fell out of the sky knocked and the Ferris wheel over! Any one ever see or experience any thing like this ? I have screen shots to prove it along with the pics. I took with the ifruit phone

    • Curt

      I saw this too !

    • Todd

      It’s an infectious mod. A modder can spawn them in places and once they are in your game they stay with you in other lobbies.

    • a person

      Jugz Whts your gt I honestly want to see this for myself

      • a peraon

        I think it’s cool

    • Yasin Brisco

      Yea i seen it and your the only one i have seen say anythong

  • A Person

    Mani is this true

    • guest


  • A Person

    The updates not out guys how dumb can u be it won’t be dumb for another month and these are the facts

  • Mani

    check now, you can play poker with other players in casino!!

    • KELVIN

      is there any new cars

  • Mani

    It´s done!!! High Roller Update! 16:33 EU.

    • KELVIN



    thats a rip off

  • 09sasuke06

    Good to know because people are speculating that Heists are being next gen only. It’s ridiculous that they believe it keep up the great work regardless R*.


    i always check for info


    cant u atleast give military gear and clotes

    • Corey

      Omg kid shut up!

      • KELVIN

        sthut thef up puta

        • KELVIN


        • Corey

          You have yet to offend me, because you don’t know how to be insulting in English. Please go comment on Spanish language sites where you’ll feel more comfortable.

        • KELVIN

          fagget bro

        • KELVIN

          dude man shut up fat ass





  • kelvin

    how come it said today

  • kelvin


    • Djplasticbag

      No I played earlier no dlc. I’ve had them a 6am when they came out. I live on the east coast.

      • KELVIN

        check now

        • robbie

          still not out

  • just_me

    O don’t even have enough money yet, so it’s much better to not come 2day. I’m really excited about that new APC or the new LMG.

  • Djplasticbag

    The date predicted was the 29th for the high roller update speculation. I don’t know where these sites get there info.

  • kelvin

    so theres no veterans dlc t

  • Rockstar Games NYC

    We can confirm that there will not be any upcoming DLC today. Please check the Rockstar Newswire for further information about upcoming title updates.

    • johnny

      thx r* i knew it wouldnt launch today

    • 09sasuke06

      Thank you for telling us i was expecting it today but guess it won’t come today. I suppose it is coming on the 29th than.

  • Sonny.

    I also saw the updates land by 11AM UK time, and knew the moment that time passed it would be very unlikely today. Sadly, I agree it will come next month and go back to the monthly updates.