GTA V 1.16 update misses window

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update hasn’t gone live after a number of blogs and leaks seemed to predict it would today. We’ve embedded one of these leaked photos below, which seemed to hint at GTA V 1.16 bringing an online Veteran update on July 22, 2014.

Rockstar’s release pattern for the previous four updates has been between 10/11AM UK and 2/3AM PST. Considering this release window has now passed and the fact that the updates for a few months came during this time, we highly doubt you’ll be seeing the updated content today.

Some people thought the GTA V 1.16 update would land today, even though that would be another DLC in the same month as Rockstar’s Independence Day special content. It’s also worth noting that content came very shortly after the 1.14 download, so the majority of gamers don’t expect another update until the beginning of August.

We just checked a PS3 system and there’s still no update to the game software, or the online mode. Now that we’re well past the normal release time window, you might want to look towards next month for your next GTA V DLC fix.

What do you hope to see when the next content finally arrives? Have you noticed any problems, glitches, or cheats needing a fix?

Whether GTA V 1.16 comes with an online update named, “Veteran”, is yet to be seen. Heists will always be the preference for some gamers, as we’ve seen throughout this year.



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