Destiny Xbox One, 360 beta release time early

We have some great news for those of you on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. We were expecting the Destiny Xbox One beta release time to go live later on Wednesday morning US time, but we’re pleased to say that Bungie has brought forward the beta.

It should be available right now to anyone on Xbox One and Xbox 360 who has a code from pre-ordering the game. As most of you know the PS4 and PS3 beta started early and was given a set start time of around 10am Pacific Time, meaning a 1pm Eastern and 6pm UK start time.

We thought the same schedule would apply to Xbox owners but that won’t be the case. A Tweet from Bungie confirms that the Xbox beta has already gone live. Head to the Marketplace now to redeem your code and you should be able to start downloading straight away.

It also means that PS4 and PS3 owners can start playing the Destiny beta again after a brief break. The Destiny beta end time will be July 28 for all platforms now so this is the moment to really get stuck in before the final launch this September.

Just as a reminder, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play – although most of you should already know this. Let us know if you are playing right now on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, or if you are downloading as we speak.



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