Cartoon HD isn’t getting new movies

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 22, 2014

Twitter is in a frenzy right now after those with Cartoon HD installed are being able to use the app again after it closed down. Last week, we reported that the developer was back and taking emails to promote their new app through Gapp Center, although it’s unknown exactly how they’ll operate and if their new gaming and movie application will operate on less shady ground.

At the time of our last article we noted how the website still states, “Cartoon HD is closed”. This makes it clear you won’t be getting any future updates, although it’s unclear why the app started working again on Android and iOS devices like iPad/iPhone.

We’ve highlighted a few tweets below that arrived on Twitter in the last 24 hours, and these still clearly show that people are able to access the Cartoon HD app. Some of these people even expect movie updates again, which is almost certainly not going to happen considering Gapp Center still lists the app as closed.

There’s even a video uploaded to Instagram showing the app now working, as you can see within the tweet below.

In our opinion, the Cartoon HD app coming back up is just a glitch that’s been overlooked when the developer made changes to their server for future apps, which will likely stick to a more legal offering. The app is expected to be killed shortly and don’t expect any new movies, although if we’re wrong and you see new content leave a comment below.

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  • Jay01527

    it has 3 days to kill on there which is pretty new

  • V

    Why can’t people just shut their mouths. This is why the app got shut down in the first place

    • Gengis

      How do I get this app