Battlefield Hardline delay gives Activision free run

By Alan Ng - Jul 22, 2014

We have some disappointing news to bring to Battlefield fans now. The developers of Battlefield Hardline Visceral Games and DICE have decided to delay the game until 2015 – it was originally expected to arrive in October this year.

This is highly surprising given that Battlefield has seemingly turned into an annual franchise as they look to compete with Activision’s Call of Duty franchise each year.

It will not be happening this year though so you’ll have to put up with Battlefield 4 in the meantime until a new Battlefield Hardline release date in 2015 is finalized.

The reasons for the delay are the typical things you would expect, with Visceral saying that they need more time to make the game as good as it can be. There are some specific areas of improvement though which Visceral has outlined as being ‘Multiplayer Innovation, Single Player Story Depth and Stability‘.

You can read more about these three areas of improvement in a statement on the Battlefield Blog here. For now though, give us your reaction on the fact that there will be no new Battlefield game to play in 2014.

It means that Activision essentially has a free run later on this year with both Destiny and COD Advanced Warfare coming.

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  • SciFiOnlyin2014

    Yep, disappointing as there will be no “real” shooter this year. CoD has gone with the whole lasers and super jumping like Titanfall and Destiny, so nothing but sci-fi shooters. But hey, I played Destiny beta and it was awesome. Why would anyone buy CoD when you can have Destiny as your sci-fi shooter. Will def be getting BH when it comes out. One thing is that I think this is Sales Strategy 101. Why release a game in an overcrowded month when most gamers have a limited amount of money they can spend in one month? I reckon they missed a golden opportunity to knock CoD off as it would have been the only reality based shooter this year. The following CoD will probably go back to reality in 2015.