Xbox One Vs PS4 3D Blu-Ray support shock twist

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2014

We have some very good news for those of you with an Xbox One now. Microsoft has just sent out details on some features that will be included in the highly anticipated Xbox One August 2014 update.

We can tell you that one of the features on the list is confirmed Xbox One 3D Blu-Ray support which will be arriving at last. This is somewhat remarkable given that Sony helped to create the technology for the PS3, but bizarrely there is still no PS4 3D Blu-Ray support at the time of writing.

Microsoft’s August update is now going to pile the pressure on Sony to deliver on a feature that should have been included as one of the main features when the PS4 first launched last year.

Confirmation can be seen from Major Nelson below for those that need it.

Can you believe that a Sony-based feature is arriving on Xbox One before PS4 when all of the recent talk was about when Sony plans to offer it for PS4? Now Microsoft come out of nowhere, adding 3D Blu-Ray support without any fanfare and it does make you wonder what is keeping Sony from bringing the feature to their customers.

We’ve also seen feedback on social media from many of you with both consoles who are now saying that you’ll use your Xbox One primarily over PS4 solely due to the fact that Microsoft is offering 3D Blu-Ray support and Sony isn’t.

There’s no Xbox One August update release date just yet, but expect more details to be unveiled in the coming days. For now, give us your reaction that Microsoft will be offering 3D Blu-Ray support before Sony.

Do you agree that Sony now finds themselves in a somewhat embarrassing position, or do you think it’s great news actually since it will make Sony act faster to bring the feature to PS4?

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  • Doug Meyer

    Oh boy now I can play the 20 3d blu rays that are out on the market. 3D has been dead for awhile. I have a 3D TV. I don’t even use the crap anymore because all the channels on cable that matter to me,no longer support it. I honestly give 2 craps if its on Xbox or ps4(own both). Im not using it.

    • Doug Meyer

      Also 3D TVs have disappeared from the market. No ones buying them. What’s the freaking point of 3D blu rays then???? DLNA playback now that’s what both should be concerned about.

  • Johnny Orlando

    Sony was waiting for Microsoft to catch-up by design

  • oskamikey

    Don’t really care. All my films are played off an external hard drive which is plugged directly into my Smart TV. That’s the way it will all be going in the future anyway, discs will become a thing of the past. Microsoft had the right idea to start with, just that they appeared a bunch of money grabbing morons when they tried to market it.

  • leo9000

    Hopefully this will make SONY finally give the PS4 3D Blu-ray support. It should have been there day one.

  • DustOfTheStars

    I really like my PS4, but I feel all of us owners are at the mercy of a big marketing campaign. I strongly suspect this feature will show up as soon as sales start to slow. Hopefully this will apply the pressure that all of us consumers could not.

  • stinesB

    Own both so dont get into console wars….but xbox one is by far the better system. Mutinedia features like this and many more are far superior to ps4 and its game library is much more enjoyable now and will be massively better shortly.

    • Josh101

      Every feature you speak of is software related and can be replicated on Sony’s PS4. Since the PS4 has more compute units, ROPS and better RAM, it could run software better than the XboxOne. Everything else is subjective opinion, I like the PS4’s lineup much better than that of the X1.

      • RustyFrags

        Essentially every comment you leave is plagued with elitist-esque garbage. Constantly spewing your inane, “Sony is the best, MS is out for money,” tripe. No idea why anybody takes you seriously quite frankly. I guess that’s why you average ~1.5 likes per post.

        • Josh101

          Everything I said in the post above is accurate. The reason why I have “1.5 likes per post” is because I keep it honest. What about my comment was false? Is it not true that the PS4 has better hardware? Is it not true that all he spoke about was software related? Why don’t you refute what I’m saying with facts? I never said “Sony is the best, MS is out for money.” I may have implied it. What other company locks the internet browser behind a paywall? Netflix? That was Microsoft. While NO other company did. I had a 360, I enjoyed what Microsoft offered, until they told me about their horribly anti-consumer policies they were going to enact with the Xbox One. Then I heard about their volunteered involvement in the PRISM scandal. Paying Youtube personalities for positive reviews. I could keep going, but the point is made.

        • Josh101

          I can’t see the comment you posted below with a comment of mine, I’m at work and it blocks whatever that is. But hell yes I’m biased. I’m going to assume it was one of my “You are an idiot if you still purchased a Microsoft product after all the anti-consumer practices this past year and a half.” I stand by the point, you ARE a idiot if you researched and read about all the crap MS tried pulling this past year and a half and STILL purchased a XboxOne. That is not elitist, that is FACT.

        • RustyFrags

          You’re inherently an idiot if Xbox is your preference? Wow, we really do learn something new everyday.

          Microsoft’s had good intentions with their initial polices but it was implemented at the wrong time. There was simply too much change happening at once. Not to mention their horrid communication explaining the benefits to going digital as an alternative to the disc-base model we’re all used to. Had the changes they wanted to make slowly been implemented, I feel it would’ve worked out much better.

          I didn’t let their policies affect me, they listened to their consumers (regardless if they needed to or not, they still did), and have yet to disappoint me with anything.

        • Josh101

          “Microsoft’s had good intentions with their initial polices but it was implemented at the wrong time.”

          No, what they were attempting was destroying our right to the First Sale Doctrine. They wanted a monopoly on used games. What they were proposing was anti-consumer. As it is now: Buy, sell or give your games to ANYONE on craigslist, ebay, on the street corner, pawn shops etc. What Microsoft wanted: Buy and sell ONLY to Microsoft approved retailers. Again, what they were attempting was anti-consumer.

          “I didn’t let their policies affect me,”

          Um, there’s no way you couldn’t let the policies affect you. It would have affected EVERYONE the same.

          “they listened to their consumers (regardless if they needed to or not, they still did), and have yet to disappoint me with anything.”

          No, they didn’t listen to their customers. We begged and pleaded with them and they said #dealwithit….Right up until they saw pre-order numbers and panicked. That’s not listening to your customers. They didn’t give two —– about what we wanted and said “If you want offline games buy a 360.” Again, they didn’t change face until they saw pre-order numbers and panicked. They didn’t fire ANYONE until this happened.

  • Avatar Roku

    A device is only as good as its software and Microsoft is the worlds biggest software company. Sony has always been terrible at software development.

    • Josh101

      Well, they are the “biggest” but only because their OS comes standard in most laptops/computers, which is questionable and very long debate for another time. Sony on the other hand has some of the most brilliant coders in the world. ICE Team? They are amazing.