LOL 4.13 patch notes by community

- Jul 21, 2014

If you saw the latest League Of Legends patch 4.12 a few days ago, you’ll know all about the changes, but if you missed the finer details you should take a look at the official rundown video below this article. This is the first episode of what they hope will be a new video series explaining the changes made after each update.

The Reddit community published an unofficial LOL 4.13 patch notes two days ago, and you can read the full list of changes in this article. Titled “Reddit knows best”, these 4.14 patch notes have been created by the reddit-community with the aim to fix gameplay issues and make the virtual world “a less competitive place”.

We’ve embedded a quick snapshot below, although we recommend you take a look at the full list via the link above and then leave a comment on this page with your opinion.


What do you think about Reddit’s take on the League Of Legends 4.13 patch notes? Do you think this social community know best, and if not what changes would you make next? Take a look at the official 4.12 rundown in the video below, and then let us know what you think about the official update and Reddit 4.13 list.

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