Jenga app free download on iOS, not Android

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2014

Childhood dreams are back in a big way for some users now, as the popular Jenga game is back in the limelight with a Jenga app free download on iOS this week. The game has been released on iOS recently and to celebrate you can get it at no extra cost for a limited time only.

This is no Jenga clone either as you’ll be pleased to know that the game has been designed with input from Leslie Scott, who is the original creator of Jenga and responsible for bringing out the classic game in 1985.

Now is the chance to play the game yourself though and you can get it for free if you are quick. We’ve spotted on the App Store that the usual $3 fee has been lifted and Jenga is free at the time of writing.

The same deal doesn’t apply for Android users as we can see that there is still a fee attached to the app. Having said that, the Android version has been out since January, so this looks to be an early bird special specifically attached to the launch of the iOS version.

From what we have seen from feedback so far, users are taking full advantage of this offer and the Jenga iOS downloads have increased tenfold within the last 24 hours culminating in a swift surge up the App charts.

The question is, have you tried this new Jenga app yet? Let us know if you were able to get the app for free and what your thoughts on it are so far. Is this unfair on Android users at the same time?

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