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iPad issues fixed in iOS 8 beta 4

We have some good news for those of you who are looking forward to the iOS 8 release date. We told you hours ago that Apple had released the iOS 8 beta 4 download and now we have some news on how it will specifically affect the iPad as users prepare for the official update this Fall.

Those who have had access to the iOS beta thanks to Apple’s developer program may have noticed some issues involving the keyboard not displaying properly in landscape mode.

Fortunately, Apple has already identified this problem and are working on a solid fix before the next iOS beta 8 beta release or full version is out. In the meantime, they have already highlighted this on the official iOS 8 beta 4 notes and advised affected users to reboot their iPad for a temporary fix.

Elsewhere, we can see a whole host of other issues with the latest beta as well including a heads-up from Apple who say that the Music app may stop responding when downloading an album.

The beta has only been live for a few hours, so let us know what you have spotted on your iPad or iPhone and your overall thoughts so far. Have you seen any other iPad problems happening whilst in landscape mode that Apple hasn’t highlighted?



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