GTA V Heists timed-exclusive fears

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2014

We are getting closer and closer to the glorious arrival of GTA V on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. As the countdown goes on though for next-gen, there’s also a countdown happening on the other side with GTA V PS3 and Xbox 360 owners worried that GTA V Heists may end up a next-gen only feature.

We didn’t think that this would happen once Rockstar delivered their big Spring update confirming that Heists was on the way. However, skip forward another month and now we are not so sure if Rockstar will deliver Heists by the end of the Summer.

GTA V on PS4, Xbox One versions are due out this Fall and Rockstar has already confirmed that Heists will be available right out of the both. We have seen plenty of feedback regarding this topic and we wanted to share one video in particular with you on the rumors regarding the constant delay of GTA V Heists.

It talks about the fact that GTA V Heists may actually end up as a timed-exclusive where it lands on next-gen first and then arrives on PS3 and Xbox 360 afterwards. It’s important to remember that business is business for Rockstar and that Heists is going to be a free update.

Rockstar and Take-Two are going to need a big incentive to convince players to pick up the game again on next-gen and there is no bigger GTA V feature than Heists. It’s completely logical from a business point of view, but from the fans point of view it could obviously be seen as an outrage.

Nothing is official yet though so let’s see how Rockstar plays it. We’re now almost in August and with Heists not meeting Spring as originally promised, are you now starting to realize that it could be a feature that is attached to GTA V PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions?

Simply put, what would your reaction be if this is the case when we get to September and the game is due for release?

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  • juggz

    So I was playing gta and a big rock fell out of the sky and knocked the Ferris wheel over i have a screen shot to prove it .. wtf?anybody ever see something like this?

    • Anthony Stewart

      Yes, I have seen this as well as an asteroid lying on the ground near legion square

  • duke

    You fools, heist missions will never come. It will be next gen only. Or paid dlc for 360 or ps3. Keep buying those shark cars you suckers!