FIFA 14 Summer transfers update release time

Newcastle fans may be preparing to watch a Sydney FC Vs Newcastle live stream later on but for other FIFA 14 fans out there, it’s all about the imminent FIFA 14 Summer Transfers update. Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester Utd fans should be on the lookout as this week you should finally see EA transfer your new players over to their new respective clubs.

By this we’re talking about the likes of Markovic, Lallana, Emre Can and Rickie Lambert to Liverpool, while Manchester United fans playing FIFA 14 have the Luke Shaw transfer to look forward to.

We know for a fact that Alexis Sanchez will be transferred to Arsenal this week officially on FIFA 14, as EA has already teased it as coming in a Tweet which you can check out below.

As a result, we can see that Sanchez has been given an upgrade from an 82 to an 86. However, we’re still trying to determine whether this will be his Arsenal rating for FIFA 14 and FIFA 15, or if this is just his improved card which he earned for featuring in EA’s 2014 World Cup Team of the Tournament.

Either way, it is exciting stuff as the FIFA 14 Summer transfers patch is due this week, based on EA’s Tweet above. Which players are you specifically looking to see in their new clubs? It looks like we could also be in for some ratings upgrades as well.

It’s time for the FIFA 14 Summer transfers update very soon so let us know when you think EA will drop the update. It should be at a time that is convenient for UK gamers, so when we have an exact release time we’ll update this post.



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