Dino Hunter Deadly Shores free gold without hack

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2014

One of the best Android apps to download at the moment and is proving to be very popular among fans is Dino Hunter Deadly Shores. Those of you who have been playing however though, will have noticed that the main gameplay elements require you to purchase gold in order to progress fully through the game.

As a result, there has been a big increase in users seeking a Dino Hunter Deadly Shores hack, but we’re here to give you some friendly advice that you can get hold of Dino Hunter Deadly Shores free gold without ever needing to resort to such options.

You may not be aware, but you can actually get some free resources right within the app. Head to the free gold section of the app and you can watch videos – some advertisement for Glu, not what they need exactly with a certain Kim Kardashian game going as well as it is, but it’s your ticket to free gold.

Keep watching videos and you’ll soon see it as a viable way of accumulating gold, without the risk of your personal data being snatched by installing all sorts of software to try and get Dino Hunter Deadly Shores free gold via illegitimate means.

Failing that, you can also try the Free Gold section again to complete various offers and get gold that way. These may involving installing other apps to get the gold, but you can quickly delete them soon after and still obtain the gold.

This is a fairly common practise across most mobile app incentives, but if it doesn’t cost you anything – it’s worth a go right? Let us know if you have been playing Dino Hunter Deadly Shores and if you have any of your own tips for getting gold easy.

Check out some gameplay which we’ve added for you below.

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  • Kevin McCarty

    I use a hack for Dino Hunter Deadly Shores that gave me unlimited gold, cash and even more! Here it is: g4mehacks .com/dino-hunter-deadly-shores-hack/

  • Beth Chille

    Most of the free gold only seems to work with Google Play, an unavailable option for me. I can only use the Amazon Marketplace:-(