Minecraft PE 0.9.4 Village Seeds are Huge, Insane

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2014

Attention all Minecraft PE players now as we are back with the latest Minecraft PE 0.9.4 Village Seeds near spawn for you. We recently gave you a heads-up on some great NPC Village Seeds for Minecraft 0.9.2 and now after high demand we have some more for you to get stuck into.

If you haven’t heard, Minecraft Pocket Edition is now on version 0.9.4 both on Android and iOS after Apple finally approved Mojang’s latest patch on the App store.

As a result, we have been finding some really good Village Seeds out there that have been created and we want to share the best ones with you here. Last time we picked out three Minecraft seeds for you near spawn, but this time we have chosen three new Minecraft Village Seeds with special emphasis on being massive in size.


Once again, here are the new seeds which you can try out on Minecraft PE 0.9.4, but they should also work on Minecraft 0.9.3 if you are running this version.

1) Seed: 1405802869 – First up is this excellent seed which contains two massive villages that you can have a lot of fun on. One of the villages even contains a blacksmith’s chest with a saddle inside.

2) Seed: 1388582293 – This next seed is one that is simply huge in size and you can see by watching the second preview video below just how epic this seed is when looking from a birds-eye view.

3) Seed: 1405106863 – Last, but certainly not least we bring you an insane seed that was actually submitted to us by one of our readers Theo Dupre. It contains 3 villages in a single seed, including a railway that connects a sand village to a river village.

We think you’ll have a great time with these new seeds on Minecraft PE 0.9.4, but again feel free to offer your own suggestions and seeds below if you want us to feature your seed for the next time.

Watch the videos below to see the first two seeds mentioned above in action. Let us know what you think of the seeds and which one is the best.

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  • a

    I can find two villages but I can not find the sand village

  • Drya

    This is cool and all but there was no railing

  • Tayler

    Notch can you ad skins in the 1.0.0 update or maybe next update like 0.9.5

  • Care bear

    Are the worlds infinite or can they be old?

  • Guest

    Try this seed! 1405899802, I found a huge mine.when you spawn, look to your left and , well swim off the island until you find the mainland.keep going until you find a cave in the hill.search in there until
    you find it! Nevermind me.this discussion wuz for villages.sorry.

  • Jack

    I foun the village its across a lava lake in the desert

  • JaiJai

    Man this is sad for Amazon users they have to wait when Apple,ios,and android users gets the update so fast!

  • Th3n3w1

    Aye? Where’s the railing?

  • Lindsay


  • Anne

    i found the villlages in seed 3 but no rail??

  • Joe

    Are the worlds on infinite or whAt

  • minecraftpro

    Which way do u go to find the village in seed #3?