Minecraft PE 0.10 upcoming update changes

By Peter Chubb - Jul 20, 2014

It was earlier today that we reported on another new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS, and we also mentioned that the next major update would be 0.10, but one of our readers said it would be 1.0, which we have to point out is incorrect. The reason we say this is because Minecraft PE update 0.10 has already been confirmed and we already have a good idea of what to expect.

Minecraft PE 0.10 upcoming changesMojang employees have already confirmed changes and new features for update version 0.10. Firstly, we have the new additions, which includes items such as potions, brewing, enchanting, in-game music is a possibility, and even boats.

As for tweaks there is a very good chance that the jump button could be switched to the opposite side, OpenGL ES 2.0 or 3.0, which would allow for mipmaps on Android, terrain to have tinted lighting as you get on the PC version and animated blocks with frame buffers. The Android version could also benefit from updated sounds.

Remember, when Mojang hinted that these could make it to Minecraft PE version 0.10 they never took into account that a few of these could be brought forward, and so this is not the definitive list.

With that being said, we could also look forward to Zombie Pigmen to get the hat layer on their heads and possibly the inclusion of symbols, which are meanings that relate to modding codes.

What would be on your wish list for the next major Minecraft Pocket Edition update?

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  • Rachel

    last one curtains every time i’m in a village in my home i feel like a villager is watching me through the window it has happened before

  • Rachel

    Oh and everything from PC to PE sea creatures trading with villagers Ocelots fishing rods golems and yeah so everything from PC but if i had to choose when and which update Ocelots sea creatures golems and redstone stuff first update 😀 please

  • Rachel

    redstone stuff like levers,buttons,iron doors,pressure plates,animals like bunnies lions bears and saddles so we can ride also horses and Minecraft Comes Alive to pe please! me cry if no 🙁

  • Rascht

    And join servers because the last ones of my mine craft cannot join servers

  • Eagle Vapor

    Definitely enchanting and brewing, also I would like to see all Redstone items like listings and repeaters.

  • Rascht

    Many new creatures

  • asma mushtaq

    mods ios mods

  • asma mushtaq

    levers iron doors nether end ender perl sprinting crowcher hunger

  • Rascht


  • Ata

    Note blocks, pistons, cauldrons, buttons, tripwire hook

  • Asian

    Curtains, jukeboxes, iron door, lever

  • Rascht

    And also cars

  • Rascht

    A rockettttttttttt to go to outerrrrrrrr space so we can build a satellite and also a suit so we can go out to space

  • Rascht

    And a rocket to go to outer space

  • samoila david

    Macerator presure plates el. Circuits golems jetpack batbox water mill generator(nuclear)

  • Liam

    Hunger bar would be nice so we could regenerate health since you can no longer regenerate it by going to bed.

  • Jenny

    And the last thing could we have saddles?

  • Jenny

    And rabbits.

  • Lewis

    Skin packs or somthing like that

  • Jenny

    Ocelots, fishing rods, golems, brewing stands, picture frames, horses, and a enchant spot please.

  • Ethan

    pistons, levers, buttons, redstone, pressure plates…

    • Brad


  • Brad


  • katie

    They should add ocelots and horses and maybe a enchant spot or what ever

  • Cool


  • Rascht

    And Finn and Jake

  • Rascht

    And I also want cauldrons and an item to make your home hidden

  • Rascht

    Oh and also villages and wolfs and slimes

  • Rascht

    Polar bears and biomes

  • bob

    They also said that they were going to make pe different to pc aswell. And also I really want skins and temples

    • bobs brother

      Also redstone

  • Althea_is_me


    • The_Doctor_Lies

      I know right.

  • Herobrine

    I want hunger and golems maybe trading with villagers.

  • Infinite

    I want levers and pressure plates.. Redstone is nigh on useless without activation switches.

  • MinecraftObsessed!!!

    I agree with Carl… EVERYTHING from PE to PC, from Xbox to I don’t know what else… but everything that they possibly came up with and can come up with!!!!

  • aidanmckie

    don’t forget about the gollems/iron/snow/ and hunger all food types so ya
    we want PC and cows want wifi

  • aidanmckie

    rabbits and under water temples all types of fish and fishing rods all the thing form above and the end and the PC nether/wither/dragon

    • bob

      Yes and redstone

  • Carl

    Everything from pc

  • JM

    Golden apple and iron golem..

  • Rascht

    I like to get saddles and horses

  • Chris


  • Xander

    I would like version-exclusive emerald tools and armor

    • B-Time

      And can you make it possible on iOS because i can’t get villages in 0.9.4 and people on androids can make it the same on both + enchanting and enchanting tables

  • anonymous

    Be able to do infinite worlds on apple ipod and iphone because its not fair that only the android is aloud to do that so does everyone who wants to use infinite have to buy and android phone or what

    • Infinite

      Umm… I’ve got infinite worlds on my iPhone since 9.0. Have you updated the app? Remember you need to make a new world and check the Advanced options to enter your seed and confirm infinite. Once you make a new world you could use MCEdit to export your old world and import into the new.

    • Herobrine

      Or u can jailbreak ur phone to get android version.

  • Kawika

    Ender dragon

  • I love minecraft

    We should get a lot of things from the computer version

  • I love minecraft

    We should get fishing rods and be able to catch squid

  • Daniel Safe


  • I love minecraft

    I wish we could play with people over seas but

  • I love minecraft

    I wish we could trade with villagers and fish and that some zombies will spawn with armor and we can go to the big nether

  • Gold Lightning

    I do like the fact you used the wiki as a reliable source 😀 But my wish would be fish and ocelots. Other than that I think all of the things above seems reasonable for 0.10.0. I do also believe that I are adding an underworld structure for pocket edition. Easier non-local wifi multiplayer would be nice too.