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Minecraft PE 0.10 upcoming update changes

It was earlier today that we reported on another new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS, and we also mentioned that the next major update would be 0.10, but one of our readers said it would be 1.0, which we have to point out is incorrect. The reason we say this is because Minecraft PE update 0.10 has already been confirmed and we already have a good idea of what to expect.

Minecraft PE 0.10 upcoming changesMojang employees have already confirmed changes and new features for update version 0.10. Firstly, we have the new additions, which includes items such as potions, brewing, enchanting, in-game music is a possibility, and even boats.

As for tweaks there is a very good chance that the jump button could be switched to the opposite side, OpenGL ES 2.0 or 3.0, which would allow for mipmaps on Android, terrain to have tinted lighting as you get on the PC version and animated blocks with frame buffers. The Android version could also benefit from updated sounds.

Remember, when Mojang hinted that these could make it to Minecraft PE version 0.10 they never took into account that a few of these could be brought forward, and so this is not the definitive list.

With that being said, we could also look forward to Zombie Pigmen to get the hat layer on their heads and possibly the inclusion of symbols, which are meanings that relate to modding codes.

What would be on your wish list for the next major Minecraft Pocket Edition update?



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