GTA V update for signal lights with speedometer

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 20, 2014

When we featured possibilities for the Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update earlier this week, this was mainly to look at more garage space and allowing each protagonist a collection of vehicles catered to their personality. The amount of ideas that Product Reviews readers shared impressed us, as clearly seen, although one interesting suggestion for the GTA V 1.16 patch requested signal lights within the online mode and also a speedometer.

Signal lights were seen in the PC version of GTA IV thanks to mods, which some fans welcomed when they tried to stick to driving with rules. In GTA Online, you might be a little jealous seeing NPCs driving and using turn signals along with wondering why this wasn’t in the game for all to bring more realism.

This is what one of our readers had to say, “I would like signal lights and a speedometer”. Another added, “For me, signal lights for the cars and a speedometer are what’s really missing for added realism”. One problem a few gamers point out on consoles relates to buttons on the controller, and a few people wonder how they can be integrated when “all controls on the controller are filled when driving”.

The idea of GTA V Online missing turn signals/indicators has been around since the end of last year, although Rockstar is yet to release an update adding this feature. There’s also those that feel this feature isn’t needed within the open world game, and if certain gamers had a choice they’d choose a speedometer over turn signal DLC.

Would you like to see driving enhanced in GTA Online with a speedometer and signal lights? Or, is Heists DLC the only content you care about at this time?

Whatever happens, you can count on the PC version bringing plenty of mods for almost everything a gamer wants and we wonder if this is possible on consoles considering other mods appearing. The Xbox One and PS4 consoles might even stand more chance of adding mods, but this is yet to be seen once the game releases on the current generation.

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  • GtavFan22

    Not all of the buttons are for driving . RB is not used while driving.
    So they can update it to wear you press RB once for right turn signal and double press it to turn left.

    • Kayman

      Or hold it & hit the arrow for the direction you’re turning

  • Bob

    I’d like to see cars from GTA IV like the hakumai ,the Fortune and the Uranus. I like the idea of the turning signals but there are no buttons left. The speedometer is the better idea . And the option to switch drom miles per hour to kilometres per hour.

  • Amy Edwards

    It would be more realistic if the other cars around you will act in consequences. Because most of the time, it’s them who rammed you. So yes I’m more than ok with Turning signal if the IA is also improved.

  • Airsoftelite

    Merryweather loadouts

  • josh

    Whats the point in turn signals for online? Everyone just speeds around doing sht and besides you can’t do it anyway because eventually another player will come around and kill you.
    It would be ok for single player though just in case you bored.

  • Victor

    I´d like to see the update contain signal lights to make i more realistic. You have been able to drive as a cab driver for long taking jobs and get money for that I´d like to see a possibility of also being a bus driver with stops and all that i think that it could be very nice to see some new things instead of just improvements of the old don´t get me wrong I love the game i really do but i think the game would relate to more people if this could happen.

  • Connor

    I see no point for a speedometer but my idea for the turning signals is it could be automatic, and it could run with the gps directions. If you speed through the turn it should still come on but it won’t affect you. I also think other NPCs could get mad and flip you off if you don’t follow the turn signals as in real life it would affect other people’s driving. Rockstar should highly consider this idea. I love GTA 5, definitely my favorite game of 2014.

  • Keno

    I think they should have the Saleen S7, McLaren FM, or Super Sport Bugatti added in.
    They should also put in a jet as fast as the military jet with no weapons that you can buy from Etlas.
    We should be able to pick the color for your pegasus vehicles that can be different colors.
    I think it would be the best thing ever if I could convert my car into a police car because I think rockstar did an amazing job on the way the police cars look.
    Add more colors for clothing because I either have to match with one color or just look tacky.
    Most importantly I think Rockstar needs to add a yacht in. I thought about it and i thought who the hell wouldn’t want to own their own personal yacht. You can get away from annoying tank abusers that force you into passive mode to save your own KD.

    • L-GUN

      That would be cool but it would be better if official race tracks like those in san andreas were brought back. We could have formula 1, nascar, rally ang moto GP vehicles and races which you could participate in after earning a licence at an advanced driving school just like in san andreas.

  • Washedmclar


  • Corey

    “In GTA Online, you might be a little jealous seeing NPCs driving and using turn signals along with wondering why this wasn’t in the game for all to bring more realism.”

    Read that out loud. Is that how English speaking people talk? No. You’re an awful writer. Stick to compiling quotes from other people.

  • Emad Hamdi

    Love love love love the idea..It will be very Awesome…….

  • Whatever you get in the next update, you can bet will be glitchy and full of bugs. Of course it will be designed to force you into buying shark cards if you actually want to have any fun in the game.

  • Kieran

    Speedometer would look stupid, GTA isn’t a racking game?!

    • :D

      The first GTA was supposed to be a racing game, until people started to not race and run over stuff.

      • Tony

        No it wasn’t. There were guns and rampages in the first one.

  • wtf?

    Because that’s exactly what GTA is missing!!!!! Now my enemies will know every turn I’m gonna make!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumbfucks!

  • Guest194768746578274637284

    The turn signals could be intergrated in the left and right direction buttons when holding X, or A if on xbox, (I dont see why one would need two buttons for handbrake!)


      ones the e brake

      • john

        R1 and X are BOTH the handbrake dude…..

    • John

      You clearly do not know how to driver properly, or play properly! You need TWO buttons for handbrake, R1 and X. When using the phone, if you use X you will hang up, so u use R1 dummie! They didn’t have that in GTAIV and I wrote them about it, now its in GTAV as it bloody well should be!

      • IamANONYMOUS

        um.. it doesn’t matter if you can’t drive properly because its grand theft auto, everybody doesn’t even drive properly… because its grand theft auto.

  • AP

    Omg would be awesome to have turn signals! They did it in Test Drive Unlimited 2 very easily. They can map it easily. Even through the Select Menu! I wouldn’t care! Much much better than nothing! 🙂

  • Raion

    Speedometer would be nice, but I see no use for turn signals. But heists are the only thing really missing from the game.

  • Rick

    My driving would be a lot more fun with a speedometer in GTA online and I’m happy to see a cockpit/turn signals. This is a small ask, please Rockstar.