FIFA 15 USA cover with MLS star Dempsey

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2014

We have some good news for those of you who have been patiently waiting to find out what the FIFA 15 USA cover will be. We knew that Lionel Messi was the global cover star, but now we can confirm that the FIFA 15 MLS specific cover will feature none other than Clint Dempsey.

The Seattle Sounders player was the overwhelming favorite to be picked and now EA has obviously been thinking along the same lines. Those picking up the US edition of the game will now be able to buy it with both Dempsey and Messi on the cover.

Dempsey has given his reaction to the FIFA 15 news by revealing the Tweet below:

Now that the US cover has been sorted, we expect EA to press on and reveal the FIFA 15 cover this week or next. We have already predicted that Daniel Sturridge and/or Yaya Toure may feature alongside Messi, but we’ll have to wait and see for the official news.

Let us know your thoughts on Dempsey being chosen for the cover and whether you think it is a good choice or not. Any other alternatives that you would have picked if not?

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  • Tommy Gunn

    Does this mean Playstation versions of the game will be helping advertise Xbox with it being on the front of Demsey’s shirt?