Red Dead Redemption 2 ideal era and setting

By Alan Ng - Jul 19, 2014

Rockstar may be busy bringing Heists to GTA V and focusing on next-gen and PC versions of the game, but there are still heavy requests from users who would rather see Rockstar shift their attention to the massive demand for a Red Dead Redemption 2 release.

Red Dead Redemption is easily Rockstar’s second big hitter after the GTA franchise and there are many gamers who are happy to admit that they would rather play a new Red Dead Redemption 2 game rather than GTA which may become boring after a set period.

The first Red Redemption game was an unprecedented success and obviously it is only a matter of time before a true sequel is announced. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at possible Red Dead Redemption 2 locations and settings as fans have already been going into overdrive on what they would like to see from a new game.

As most of you know, Red Dead Redemption was all about the Wild West era in 1911. However, we’ve seen some fans go into detail on having Rockstar actually go back further in time during the 1800s or 19th century and seeing what they can do with a game set in this era.

Rockstar could even take some inspiration from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise on how to build a game set decades before our time and if there’s another developer that can pull it off, it’s Rockstar without doubt.

Coming off the back of GTA V, they have the midas touch knowing that any future Red Dead Redemption game will just turn to gold with players throwing their money at the screen as soon as any Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer goes live.

Going along with this 1800s era for Red Dead Redemption 2, what gameplay elements would you like to see from Rockstar? Horse breeding perhaps, or would you specifically like Rockstar to focus on tying up loose ends from the plot seen in the original game?

Give us your best ideas for a sequel below.

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  • torque86

    There should be alternating terrain, and landscape not just dessert. 1880 to 1890 time period Chicago with big interactive towns and or cities would be nice. Red Read Redemption was to limited on things to do there needs to be more heists and robberies in story mode as well as free roam.

  • Kidcubby02

    I think red dead redemption 2 should be based in the 1920-1950 era and give it a mafia feel.There are not any games that are multiplayer free roams based in the mafia era.i personally liked the music clothes guns and cars from mafia dead redemption had a outstanding single player and the best multiplayer free roam. give that more modern weapons like colt 1911 or m1 grands and the original beer bottle moltolvs and older cars and red dead redemption would be the best game

  • tyjling

    There already is a Red Dead game in the 1800s, Revolver, but it was not nearly as popular as Red Dead Redemption. The idea of John Marston’s outlaw days is a good one, but a different location would be better. More places to explore is always a plus.

  • Nick

    I would like to see Red Dead Redemption 2 to be a prequel, but instead of RDR 2, I would re-title it to “Red Dead Redemption: The Beginning” where it takes place when John Marston was still an outlaw with Dutch, Bill, and Javier. I wouldn’t know how to whole story would be written, but I think it’d be awesome to see what John was like as an outlaw.

  • ben

    Personally, I would really like to see it run with in similar parameters to the tv show deadwood. The time of living outside of American society make it seem truly wild and treacherous. As with other red dead games, there is a clear historical shift in the game play which makes a really interesting demographic statement, I think taking somewhere that is outside of America and through to annexation into the state’s could be really cool. So it would be based on a bad guy doing what he wants in the literal wild west and then cover his role against the US state post annexation. That would be my vote.

  • Travis

    Set it at the tail end of the civil war. Maybe have cameo’s of Ricketts or Dutch’s Gang but have no real connection to them. I would love to have that vibe of The Good The Bad and The Ugly type story with all three as playable characters.

  • Stephen

    what I think we are really looking for is a way to erase our memories and play RDR from the beginning all over again. to experience everything again for the first time. it was a beautiful story, every man could relate. it touched on something profound and pure…a simpler time yet incredibly treacherous. I personally wouldn’t want a sequel or a prequel. it would poison the original experience. instead a fresh story, with brand new characters and brand new backgrounds, same time-ish period, and of course..the voice of John Marsten.

    • tyke

      I think the civil war or post civil war era goes with your idea well, which I agree with. This time period allows for different weapons, which aren’t too primitive, different clothes, it would feel like a different time and place

  • Robert A.

    I would like to see more challenges and free-play that involve the main character’s ranch: acquiring land, tending to crops, animals, fixing the fences, etc. Also interfacing and bartering with other ranches for live-stock, land acquisition, etc. This could lend itself well in multi-player, giving your character a more prominent role with more permanent consequences. As far as Era, I think the game should be set in the late 1800’s, when there are more cool guns available like the Marlin 1894 and Winchester 1895. OR even earlier, like the turn of the 19th Century, when Lewis & Clarke and the rest of American started to explore the West, when well see the role of the Native American and frontier America.

    • tyke

      Why don’t you just become a farmer in real life. It’s boring, we wanna rob banks not watch grass grow.

  • Aaron

    I’d be okay with 1930s if they made it a gta or LA noir but since it’s red dead it has to be set in the Wild West. I think they could do the 3 protagonist thing like in gta, have a Mexican, Indian black or even Chinese character as well. They could also have the Indian wars or maybe you have to track down the last of the apache as a cavalry officer

    • SirPost

      Indian? Black? Mexican? Chinese? wtf are you talking about?

      • shoobity lou

        Hmmm im sure there were some minorities around. Wtf are YOU talking about douche

  • harry

    It should take place between 1850 and 1870, and has nothing to do with the first part. It has to include some big moments from that era, like the civil war and the assassination of Lincoln. Also I’d like apache indians.

    Rockstar should take some movies as an example, like Dances with wolves, Good bad ugly, once upon a time in the west.

  • Dave

    1850 to 1885 time period give you a wide range of play—civil war , Indian wars, cattle ranch, farm, town lots of ideas.

  • Amy

    Definitely a sequel focused on jack getting payback for his fathers death. His land is seized and he has to start from the bottom but this time he’s not going to do it the way his father did. He’s going to form his own gang to honour his fathers name and get his land back for him that he worked so hard on whilst hunting the men down that killed him. Could even team up with the natives because he doesn’t trust the white man anymore. I like the idea of ranch life aswell. It can become tedious doing mission after mission of shooting and killing and going back to do jobs to make a business for himself could have a great contrast for the game.

    • Amy

      also I would really appreciate it if you changed the voice actor for jack. God his voice was annoying

    • guest

      He does get pay back… Did you play to the VERY END of the game? he kills the federal marshalls that took him and his mother hostage and ordered John on the mission in the first place.

  • Guest

    I’d like to even see you playing as the young Landon rickets in in the mid 19th century.

  • Matthew Ryan Seaux

    RDR2 should be a true western around the time of billy the kid. Making Billiy the Kid a vital character to the story would be cool. Red Dead Redemption meets Young Guns

  • Dubsy

    The Wild West theme HAS to stay and I’ll be so disappointed if it doesn’t. I’m all for a prequel discovering how John Marston met Dutch and the gang going all the way through to where we first see him at the beginning of RDR. Just think of all the things he could get up to? Civil war and WW1 takes us away from the whole point of this game as it’s a western. I loved the fact that RDR was just so different to so many games nowadays and for me there it was pure escapism. Keep John Marston, keep the western theme but don’t keep is waiting any longer! HURRY UP ROCKSTAR!

  • Ace

    I think a civil war era playing as an escaped slave something similar to Django.

    • atace

      That is such a great idea 😀

    • cowa2

      You are talking about the progressive racial-themed sh*tty remake of Django, not about the original movie of Django (1966), wich wasn’t about slavery at all. That was just Tarantino destroying a classic spaghetti western movie.

  • Tyke

    I don’t want another hero, I want to run a gang, and recruit members and pull of heists. Trains, banks, miners, pay roll wagons etc. They would be building of GTA with heists and a sort of bad-guy, because I’m presuming everyone’s favourite character was Trevor, he had morals, but didn’t kid himself on how bad he was. In saying that, they could have more than one protagonist, Personally I want the protagonist to be Native American, or Mexican.

  • NewbHunter

    Or they could take it up north to Montana and follow a different character. You could play as an Irishman, Scot, German (really just any immigrant) that is around 16 years old and who tries to protect his town from the English in the war of 1812. His family and town could be wiped out and he could be on the run.

    But thats just my 3rd cent

  • NewbHunter

    I think a prequel would be a good idea but i would want it to evolve like assassin’s creed does in SP by skipping decades. Maybe it could start of the tail end of the 18th century and follow john’s father growing up on the frontier moving across the country eventually ending up in somewhere like Texas. This would be interesting because there could be a wide variety of weapons from flintlocks like the Kentucky long rifle to single shot lever guns like the martini-henry. This would be fun to work around and instead of having john’s father die like john at the end you could have him die after john’s birth and play as someone who raises john.

    But thats just my 2 cents.

  • Kaleb Kling

    screw the prequel we need a sequel playing as jack and the life after john marston was dead like maybe jack meets up with bonnie and everything and gta is still a good series but red dead blows it out of the water.

  • bboy

    They should show jack marston being a pro gunslinger and the town having respect for him. Then after there is one man who asks help from jack because his family has been killed by bad gang members. So jack trains that man which you play as him and later on jack is going to share stories of his father john of how he was part of a gang. So later the game goes to flashback and you play as john when he was young. After the flashback, the game switches back to present and that man goes on a journey to take revenge on the people who killed his family

  • ASG

    Prequel set in midst of the Civil War exploring how John Marston met Dutch Van der Linde. Exploits of the Van der Linde gang are directly related to the War. If RDR dealt with the passing of the Old West, RDR2 should be about how it was born. As for gameplay, get rid of Dead Eye, or at least limit how frequently it can be used.

    • ASG

      Actually, the timeline wouldn’t work. John Marston’s roughly 40/50 years old in 1911. Maybe set it in late 1880’s instead of during Civil War.

  • Mark

    It would be nice to see if they had the next sequel, in the midst of the Civil War. That the Character’s family is torn between both sides, and causes family problems. And there would be conflicts on your land. They need to make it more of a in depth RPG. Such as choosing sides, robbing trains, defending your land ect…

  • Guest

    I’d like to see a horse stable where you can keep horses you’ve either caught or bought

  • Sweeeggg

    Please no inspiration from Ubisoft!LOL!

  • Guest

    Forget horse breeding rockstar, Stick to the story and gun slinging. I wouldn’t mind some more interactive horseback riding though were i dont have to keep pushing X/A every second repeatedly though. Or more guns but really forget that horse breeding nonsense

  • Sarah Louise

    More in depth ranch life, more realistic ways of looking after the livestock and crops! On rdr when you brought the cattle in they had dissapeared when the mission had finished which made it unrealistic! And defo more options on what you can do with your horse, maybe have your own stables where you can catch horses, breed them, then bring up the foal to be a star horse (customizing, leveling up, upgrading etc). And lastly a massive map with towns that have more thing to do in them and things that make each town unique!

  • Rhys Horner

    Sequel to be set in a twelve year period between 1918 and 1930.

    Jack Marston, having returned from serving in WW1, finds his land has been seized by corrupt government officials with links to organised crime. He is shot and thought to be dead by the perpetrators. He survives and pursues a bloody revenge as well as the return of his land.

    With newer and more effective weapons such as Sub-Machine guns and grenades, Jack is deadlier than ever. Also, new modes of transport including cars and motorcycles make getting around much easier.

    • Jake

      Please, no Jack. In my opinion, that time period wouldn’t be…”cowboy” enough. I would rather have an era where everyone is still riding horses and shooting six guns. I think post-WWI era would be closer to L.A. Noire. Just my opinion.

      • ash

        I agree with you, why would they set it back in civil war. They should just continue on with the story. Have a little al capone storyline in the mix. If they want to do it wild west id suggest coming up with a different character and new story.

    • Jon

      That would just be stupid the whole idea of the games are so they can be in the Wild West 1918-1930 isn’t the Wild West they were already just at the end of it with the last one also bringing cars and motorcycles is dumb it undermines the whole idea of being a cowboy

      • Rhys Horner

        I simply don’t think there’s that much you can do in a ‘Wild West’ setting that hasn’t already been done. I don’t think it would make sense to just end Jack’s story in 1914.

        • Jon

          There’s plenty more you can do in a Wild West setting especially in mid to late 19th century you could join gangs, rob trains, and banks, get in shoot outs, ect. or go entirely the other way and make you a sherif who has to defend his town from a dangerous gang the whole idea of the the game series is for it to be a cowboy game and that can’t take place in the 1918-1930 era.