Next PS4 update release looming

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 19, 2014

It’s been almost a month since the current generation console got new firmware and this points to the PS4 1.73 update release date being a matter of days away. In a quick recap, you might remember seeing the 1.71 firmware up for download on June 3, and then 21 days later we saw 1.72 go live.

Considering the long gap since the last firmware, it’s our prediction to see Sony release the PS4 1.73 update by the end of July. While this is still speculation, following previous download patterns it’s almost certain to see the next firmware within a matter of days.

Features the PlayStation 4 needs to be a better console – we love what Sony produced with the new console, although there’s still a lot of features missing and some should have been there from launch. Those that come to mind right away include 3D support for blu-ray movies and games, instant suspend and resume, DLNA streaming, CD and file playback, and for some people even better Bluetooth support for things like gaming chairs.

Personally, we’re patient and know most of these features will come with a firmware update at some point. This possibility hasn’t stopped some people getting angry and a few turn to Twitter to explain what they want.

With the next PS4 update about to release, how can you be satisfied with the new features and do you think Sony might be saving the best changes for a full 1.80 update?

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  • stickybanditt

    this is by far the worst playstation system I ever had ..not enough games ,no youtube app,and not to mention I can’t use usb media (photos,…this system actually makes me feel not to even put on the damn thing ….one of these days I’ll smash the damn thing

    • Poop

      Microsoft has the exclusive rights about YouTube, so they don’t aloud it to Sony … The games will come soon ! Patience !

      • Bobo

        Actually they don’t. Ps3 has had youtube app for over a year, and PS4 is getting it later this summer, as well as uploading gameplay directly to youtube.

  • datdude

    I really hope they fix the recording bug. Ever since the last update my ps4 has not been constantly recording anymore. I looked into it and found many others with the same problem. There are fixes, but they are only temporary. The weird part is, it works every time logged into my friends profile on my ps4.

  • gigjack

    Lies, delays, empty updates, and no games….losing my patience

    • Jeff Bardu

      Yes, Sony is notoriously slow with firmware updates but lol @ you trying to make it seem that lies and delays are a Sony only thing. Microsoft and Nintendo have shown they’re not shy about those aspects either. And yeah, no games despite that they have a bigger library of games to choose from and out of the three current gen consoles, the PS4 is moving the most software. Funny that. Don’t let being in your personal bubble cloud reality.

  • waiting for inquisition

    When are we getting the PS streaming that was promised this summer?

    • Keys2Success

      They said July 31st

  • Conor

    3d Blu ray cd mp3 DLNA USB hard drive support is what wee all want and 4k Blu ray support

  • Shane Daniel Osborne

    They need to sort out the Facebook Sharing, make it automatically display trophies, reviews and purchases to a users FB wall like that of the PS3….

  • Hhh

    V2 firmware August 13th with a huge list of changes. In testing and with 1st party devs now.