Kickstarter Coolest Cooler update from inventor

Earlier this week we told you about the brilliant new Kickstarter project that is getting everyone talking on social media. We’re pleased to be able to bring you a Kickstarter Coolest Cooler update from the inventor as it looks like the cooler is on its way to breaking the Kickstarter world record.

When we first wrote about the Coolest Cooler, we told you that the product had managed to rack up a stunning $4,000,000 from an original target of $50,000. Now though, we can tell you that the current Kickstarter Coolest Cooler total stands at over $6,000,000 with still over 40 days to go.

With the Kickstarter record at $10,000,000 there is a very realistic chance that the Cooler could go on to beat the record, which would be amazing. Here’s an update from the inventor on the unbelievable reaction to his product:

“As of this update, you’ve already made the COOLEST COOLER the 5th most funded product ever on Kickstarter, with 43 days to go. As an inventor and creator at heart, this is the greatest dream come true. Honestly, this is actually far beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve never been more happy and humbled in my life. It’s amazing how many people have connected with this idea!”

It is crazy to think that there is still 40 days to go until this Kickstarter ends. The total may well surpass $15,000,000 if the rate of funding keeps up to the level that it is now.

The question is, have you put down your money on a Coolest Cooler? The product will start shipping in February 2015 so there’s plenty of time to get your interest across and your order in. Those outside of the US can opt for the International Coolest for a guaranteed Cooler outside of the US.

Let us know your thoughts on this product and don’t forget to keep checking progress on the Kickstarter page here.



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