Honda Mobilio launches next week, Limited Edition desired

We have been waiting on word as regard to the Honda Mobilio price in India for a while now, and we will finally learn this and all other details on July 23rd, as this is when the company will officially launch the model. However, seeing as though its rival has already launched the Maruti Ertiga Limited Edition, many Indian drivers will now desire a Honda Mobilio LE model as well.

One can only assume that Maruti has done this in order to take some of the shine away from the upcoming launch of the Honda Mobilio MUV, although it is not as though we never expected something like this to happen, seeing as though the latter is expected to start taking sales from the former.

Anyway, enough of the desired Honda Mobilio Limited Edition model for now, as next week is all about the standard lineup, which should still give its rivals a run for their money. Speaking of money, the price is expected to be around Rs. 7 – 9 lakhs (Ex Showroom) – let’s see how close they can get to this price.

Honda Mobilio bookings have already started to happen for a fee of Rs. 50,000, although we are not sure how many people have taken up this early campaign in order to get their name down for one – maybe Honda believes the new Mobilio will prove very popular with drivers in India, and so wish to make sure they are not left disappointed?

We have already discussed what power units Honda’s new MUV will get and so only time will tell if they prove popular and good enough to the Indian public.



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