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Hearthstone for Android, iPhone with instant solution

Blizzard is just about to release the highly anticipated Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas expansion. As expected, this has placed priority for Hearthstone Android and iOS release dates further down the pecking order.

We have discovered though that there is a way to play Hearthstone on iPhone or Android right now if you really want it so bad. Blizzard are known for taking their time on product releases to ensure that they make no mistakes and it could be a long time until we see an official public release for Hearthstone on mobile.

With this in mind, you may want to give Remote Desktop apps a shot as there are some fantastic products out there that can help you get Hearthstone running not only on Android and iPhone smartphones, but Hearthstone for Android tablets too since it remains iPad only officially.

One piece of software that we have been using is called Team Viewer. It allows you to essentially stream your PC monitor to mobile device and we’re pleased to say that there is minimal lag as well.

It appears that some clever Hearthstone players have already become aware to this handy little tip as we can see an official forum post which mentions the same piece of software to get Hearthstone running on Android and other devices.

Obviously it isn’t ideal but it is definitely a way to fulfil those Hearthstone in bed dreams that you have been having. Try it out now by downloading Team Viewer here and let us know how you get on and what your Hearthstone performance is like in Remote Desktop mode.

Is this a method that you have also been using until Blizzard gets their act together with an official release?



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