GTA V Superman mod ready for PC update

Those of you who have been playing GTA V since launch may be aware that there is a GTA V Superman cheat in circulation, which Rockstar has made available for anyone who wants to enjoy the best view of Los Santos from a birdseye point of view.

What you may not know though, is that it seems like some users have already managed to use GTA V mods on Xbox 360 and PS3 to take this Superman mod to another level.

We’re not going to go into detail on how this is possible but you just need to know that some people out there are using this GTA V cheat for Superman mode on console.

In its current form though we can see that modders have been able to give the actual skin a makeover to resemble a superhero, hence why it’s called the Superman cheat.

However, those planning to pick up GTA V on PC will be watching on with interest, as developers with the skills to mod will be able to take this Superman skin and actually take it to the next level with a proper skin that looks like Chistopher Reeve or Henry Cavill.

We’ve seen with the amazing GTA IV Iron Man mods that this is clearly possible, so if you are looking for an actual superhero mod for GTA V, we say you don’t have long to wait at all seeing the footage in the clip below.

Is this the exact reason why you will pick up GTA V on PC over PS4 and Xbox One versions? Check out the footage below and let us know if you have seen people using this mod online somehow.



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