Cartoon HD app developer is back

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 19, 2014

The Cartoon HD app developer is back working to produce new apps that will be themed towards movies and games. It’s not entirely clear if these apps will offer free movie streaming, or if they’ll be related to this industry in a clearly legal way, but either way the developer has published an update on their section.

On the Gapp Center website, it explains “Cartoon HD is Closed forever”. While this seems to be true, the simple text page also asks readers to leave an email address to be notified about Movie/Game applications they’re “working to produce”. You can see a screenshot below, which reveals exactly what the developer published on their Gapp Center website.


This news follows reports that some users managed to get the Cartoon HD app working again with an older version, although that only created a hunt for the download link thanks to the majority removing the app.

Confusing reports on Twitter – we’ve been seeing some confusing tweets from those still running the Cartoon HD app, and a few of these can be seen below that landed on Twitter within the last few hours.

The above tweets might have been left after the application worked for a short period, which could have been caused thanks to a server update after the developer added the above information. It’s not clear if the Cartoon HD app is still back and working again, or if this was only a glitch.

Feel free to leave your comments about the reports on Twitter below.

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  • mel

    I can’t seem to find links for android to.reinstall
    .someone. Please help

  • Sarah

    It appears to stream some videos, but some don’t work.