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GTA V on Android, iOS with TeamViewer for PC

GTA V is going to become massive when it arrives for PC this Fall and for those thinking that it will only bring mods to the community, we are hear to remind you that it will offer much more than that.

The GTA V PC release is going to mean that those using Remote Desktop apps for Android and iOS will effectively have the option of taking GTA V mobile with a second screen on the go.

For example, if you have just download the latest mod for the future GTA V game on PC and want to take it for a spin, you could do so while streaming your PC monitor to your mobile phone thanks to sophisticated Remote Desktop apps.

One such app that will be able to do this job is the TeamViewer app for iOS and Android which is currently free to download and use. It also means of course that you can extend support for tablets as well for an even extra layer of comfort as opposed to mobile screen.

We can also picture TeamViewer being ideal for users to actually download and queue up GTA V mod files whilst away from home, installing them via Remote Control and then having them ready to use for when you get back home.

The PC version of GTA V has taken so long, but now you can see that it will be well worth the wait. Let us know if you plan to try out cool apps such as this one to improve your GTA V PC experience.

It could also be the perfect tonic for those looking to play GTA V on Android and iOS, until Rockstar even thinks about making a proper mobile version – that will take some time for sure.



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