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Extend iPad, Android tablet battery with Mophie

Are you still struggling with battery life on your favorite mobile device? The problems with Apple’s recent iOS 7.1.2 battery life are well documented, but for some consumers, battery life problems are also occurring on Android too.

In these kind of situations though, you shouldn’t always wait for Google and Apple to bring fixes. You can take matters into your own hands by extending iPad and Android tablet battery life with Mophie products.

If your tablet is always running out of battery at the worst times, you really should take a look at what Mophie offers. After their very successful ‘Juice Packs’ for mobile phones, they are now at the forefront again with products such as the iPad Powerstand from Mophie.

This luxurious item comes in either Lightning or 30-pin variety and will charge your iPad in an upright position, whilst still giving you access to all viewing angles of the iPad. It features lovely aluminium materials, but the main factor is that you’ll have to consider paying $149.95 for one.


For Android tablet users on the other hand, you can opt for the Mophie Powerstation line of products, which sets you up with a premium battery extender for $79.99. It comes in a variety of color choices and the USB input can supply you with 4000mAh of extra juice – perfect for those emergency moments.

Check out the products through the links and let us know if you are a happy Mophie user. Are you now having to use external battery supplies in order to get more battery life from your Android or iPad tablets?

Feel free to alternatively list any other battery packs that you think do a great job with your device.



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