Divinity Original Sin given 6-hour gameplay

We spoke about Divinity Original Sin when it first launched at the start of July and now we have some excellent gameplay for those that are considering a purchase, but want to check out a Divinity Original Sin review beforehand.

Now, we give you the chance to get the only preview of the game you need, with an uninterrupted Divinity Original Sin walkthrough which offers no fewer than 6 hours of gameplay footage.

The game had an initial target of $400,000 when the Kickstar project was live but for those that are not aware, this is a game that finished up with a total of just under $1,000,000 raised from the community.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that the initial Divinity Original Sin reviews have been excellent – with IGN giving the game a 9/10 ‘Amazing’ verdict.

To give you a look at the game itself, bookmark this YouTube channel from Masterworld HD which will provide you with all the footage you need. Simply scroll through the parts which are numbered and keep checking the channel for further updates.

To those that already have Divinity Original Sin, is it one of the best RPGS you have played in years, better than Diablo 3?



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