Changes to FIFA 15 app controls and online experience

By Peter Chubb - Jul 18, 2014

FIFA 14 Mobile for Android and iOS was launched around the same time as the console version and promised to bring a far better experience than the previous version. However, like the full game it was not without its issues, although several updates later and users were finally happy – well happy as they can be.

We say this because mobile gamers always want more because no matter what improvements EA made to the current version, there are still some underlying problems, ones that users hope to see rectified with the release of the FIFA 15 app later this year.

Changes we need to see brought to the FIFA 15 app – Most users have resided in the fact that the controls are pretty decent for a mobile game, although that does not take away the fact that those controls are still a bit odd. You can change certain control settings to help improve things a little, but the underlying issue is still there.

It would certainly be nice if the FIFA 15 Mobile game came with a redesign of the controls, although there are limitations as to how much they can change the way we control the game on our mobile devices.

Another feature that we would like to see rectified is one that so many Product Reviews readers have complained about, and that is having to be online in order to play Ultimate Team, even when playing against CPUs. It’s a great feature on the current app to play with other players online, although can be a pain if things are not going their way and decide to leave the game – something that happens in most online games.

However, it just seems pointless to still have to connect to the Internet in order to play against AIs. With that being said, it would be nice to see EA make changes in order to improve its online experience when compared to the current version.

What is on your FIFA 15 for Android and iOS wish list?

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  • Billy Jacob

    New graphics and controls like dream league soccer in mobile verson

  • majsj124

    Player Career mode

  • Jamesrooney27

    New graphics

  • jonpagecr

    I hope they will add external controller support (like Moga Pro)

    • Hayes Cooper

      They said they were adding support to this game. Did they never make good on that promise for Android and iOS?

      (I can understand why they wouldn’t allow it on Windows 8 devices, since the full FIFA 14 is available on that platform)