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Unturned gameplay with server IP

Several days ago there was a live stream of some Unturned gameplay, which you were being warned to join the event at your own risk, as all players who were not in the same squad as the host were going to be attacked on sight. We are sure the warning just sparked your gaming juices and just made you want to join even more, as they wanted to get down and dirty.

Even though the live stream has been and gone, it is still great to watch the footage because you can get an idea of Unturned gameplay, although it might rub salt in the wounds for those who had been experiencing server issues, which we elaborated on a couple of days ago.

We can see on some of the many comments that some people trying to join the game were also having a few issues joining the server, although that was 3 days ago, and so we do hope that Steam has been able to rectify this issue.

Unturned update 2.1.3 went live 2 days ago, which brought with it a new town in PEI. Have you had a chance to try it out yet and if so what did you think?

Some people have been looking for unturned server commands and IP address, and so we have included another video below that helps explain both of these questions for you, as well as this website.



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