The Last of Us Remastered no upgrade reaction

It had been a heavy topic among PS4 owners on internet boards and now we have the disappointing news to bring you. There will not be a The Last of Us Remastered upgrade option for those who already bought the game on PS3 – you’ll have to pay full price if you want the next-gen copy.

We told you back in April that certain individual retailers may be holding their own upgrade programs for the game. Officially though, it’s not going to happen from Sony.

They have confirmed this as a fact when replying to a user question on the PlayStation Blog, with Sony simply saying: “Alas, there is no upgrade discount.”

While this is obviously not good for those who have already played the full game and purchased the Left Behind DLC, you should still be able to find the game elsewhere below $60.

It appears that The Last of Us Remastered won’t be a full $60 game, so you should definitely do some searching on your own before buying to see the best deal that you can find.

As a result, Sony’s digital sales for the game are surely going to take a hit as fans would obviously now head out to find the best deal from retailers elsewhere.

Let us know your reaction to the news and if you are still willing to buy the game on PS4 at all costs, despite already playing through the PS3 version. The game is out on July 30.



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