Pokemon X and Y Volcanion location pictured

We may have some new hope with regards to the never-ending mystery surrounding the Pokemon X and Y Volcanion location. The Pokemon has turned into a myth with complete silence from Game Freak but players are still adamant that there will be a way to unlock Volcanion in Pokemon X and Y very soon.

We have a new image to show you, which could offer some new hope on where the exact Volcanion location is in Pokemon X and y. To bring you up to speed, the general feeling is that Volcanion is locked inside the Power Plant and that Volcanion can be unlocked using the Pokemon X and Y Volcanion event item Plant Key.

This key could be used to unlock the door which you see in the image below. Look closely at the plant in the background too as now you can see steam erupting from the mini volcanoes.


Remember that Volcanion is going to come with the special ability Water Absorb and also a move called Steam Eruption. Is what we are looking at below a certainty that this is the only logical place where Volcanion will be found?

It looks promising, but we still don’t understand why Game Freak are taking so long. Our feeling is that they have grown tired of the constant hacking that is going on, and after Diancie was leaked in the same way they are holding back Hoopa and Volcanion on purpose.

Let us know your thoughts on this image and whether you agree that Volcanion will be found in this location.



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