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New Android emoji desired in WhatsApp art app

The EmojiArt WhatsApp app is all well and good and users have been having a lot of fun with the app, but it is clear to see by reading user comments that new Android emoji is desired as they have begun to grow tired of what’s currently available.

Some of the comments that we have seen include them saying that while they love this, they would love for an update for more emoji arts. Another said, “It’s a great app, but please add more.”

One of our readers also said, “While this is a great app the one thing stopping me giving this 5 out of 5 is the fact that Android users need more variety.”

From what we can make out there will be new emojis on Android and also within iOS 8 thanks to a Unicode 7.0 update in July, which we recently discussed.

It’s not just new emojis demanded by Android users though, as they would also like to see a few issues fixed with the version of the Emoji Art app, as many of them are unhappy that an ad appears each time you click on something.

An overall clean up is also needed to make the app look cleaner, along with the ability to use it within any chat app.

What other art would you like to see, and what other improvements could this app do with?



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