Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 updates from CNN app

Within the last few minutes, we have some troubling news to bring you now as it has been confirmed that a Malaysian Airlines plane crash has occurred in Ukraine, with 295 people on board.

Even more troubling is the fact that Reuters is reporting that the Malaysian Airlines plane has been shot down altitude of 10 km above Eastern Ukraine.

At the time of writing we don’t know the full story, but we want to remind those looking for details that the CNN news app and BBC news app are excellent sources of credible information.

Given the fact that the Malaysian Airlines MH370 plane has still not been found, this is likely to cause all sorts of controversy given it is the same airline to have two major incidents in a short space of time.

Give us your reaction to this and let us know if you are using the CNN and BBC news apps to follow the latest updates.

UPDATE: An alleged first picture showing wreckage has been captured by RT:



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