Destiny beta PS4, PS3 release time countdown

We have a quick heads-up to those that are preparing for the Destiny beta on PS3 and PS4 but are unaware of the exact Destiny beta release time. You’ll be pleased to know that Bungie has already released this information and you won’t need to stay up through the early hours to play as soon as it goes live.

For those that are desperate to get started, you will need to know that the Destiny beta PS4 start time will be 10am Pacific Time in the US, or 1pm Eastern Time if you are on that timezone instead.

That means for those planning to play in the UK, the beta will start at 6pm on both PS4 and PS3 platforms. You should have already redeemed your Destiny beta code at already and then this will grant you a download code which you’ll use on the PSN once it goes live.

We are hoping that Bungie’s servers will be able to cope with the traffic and indeed Sony’s PSN servers too as there will be millions of users downloading the Destiny beta client at the same time.

Remember that we have confirmed that the Destiny PS4 beta size will be 14.3GB. Now that you are all set with the release time, let us know if you will be playing on PS4 or PS3 and if you have already got a code ready to play.

Are you excited? Just hours to go, the countdown is on.



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